Courtside with the Cougars

Olivia Newman

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As we reach the middle of the second quarter of the school year, many winter sports teams have been practicing hard and have seasons that are in full swing. The basketball team is always one of these successful groups, and this year is no exception.

The girls especially had an exciting beginning to their season with a large influx of new team members, specifically freshmen, which marked a big change from the previous year, when there were barely enough players to form an entire JV team. Now, fortunately, there are twenty-one players, with Coach McCourt working with the Varsity group, and Coach Preciado with the JV.

With their amazing record of 10-1, it is clear that their practices filled with drills, practice plays, and a lot of running have paid off. The girls really seem to be enjoying their season, for, as junior Sabrina Lew explained, “it’s so much fun being around everyone on the team, and it’s just a really enjoyable and supportive environment.”

The boys, on the other hand, did not have the same increase in numbers. However, the group only lost two graduating seniors, and the rest of the Varsity players remained on the team. The chemistry, therefore, that they were able to develop last year, has carried over into this season and allowed them to carry a 5-3 record so far.

The JV and freshman boys’ teams are also doing quite well, for, as Coach Egerow said, the players in the freshman class specifically “are just basketball players. They play hard [and] they play together.” Both JV and freshmen are able to combine with the Varsity team for the first half of basketball practice, doing full-court team drills and getting everyone warmed up and running, which is followed by skills practice where the players are split based on position. Then, they break up by team and continue to work separately. This has also, obviously, worked well for them, as they are sitting at a great record of 4 and 1.

All of the teams are certainly off to a great start, and will surely go far in their seasons!