New Year, New Staff


Mr. Massaro & Mrs. Cavins

After getting back from winter break, many of us at Cresskill High School noticed that something was different- something besides the fact that the door by the cafeteria is now open during lunch. Starting January 3rd, we were all introduced to Mrs. Cavins, the new assistant principal.

While this job might be new for her, Mrs. Cavins is no stranger to teaching. She was the supervisor of World Languages, ESL and math in Ridgefield Park for twelve years, beginning her career there teaching Italian, ESL, and Spanish. However, although she had “a wonderful run in Ridgefield Park,” she decided she “was ready to learn something new and was looking for a district like Cresskill.” Mrs. Cavins liked the idea of a small town and a small, combined middle and high school that was well known academically and artistically, so that she “could learn a lot and also maybe add something from [her] knowledge base to the district.”

Her experience at Cresskill has been quite good so far, and she has really enjoyed meeting the teachers and students and making connections with them, which, along with making sure they know that she is there for them, is what Mrs. Cavins believes is the most important part of her job and will continue to be going forward. Although coming into a school halfway through the year is difficult, Mrs. Cavins explained that this allowed her to ease into the system that was already in place and working smoothly. In the same way, she is, for now attempting to “learn the Cresskill culture and fit into that,” and then she will see “what [her] skill set has to offer to enhance it.” From speaking with her, it seems that she will be able to offer a great amount to our school, and this change at Cresskill has definitely been for the better!

Mr. Massaro has been a familiar face around Cresskill for many years. He began teaching here in 2001 teaching classes in both the high school and the middle school. He became the Supervisor of Science, and later the Supervisor of Performing/Fine Arts and Business. Additionally, he coached girl’s varsity soccer for several successful seasons.

However, Mr. Massaro did not always want to be an educator. In fact, he was inspired to become one while working as a substitute teacher. He says, “I always had a passion for education and athletics, and I never realized it until I became a substitute teacher.”

He loves that even though Cresskill is a small school, the amount of diversity and versatility that exists within its walls is incredible. Mr. Massaro cannot wait to add to the pre-existing culture of the students and staff, as well as families in the district. He is also excited to work and bond with his first senior class, an opportunity that he feels is very important in his first year as principal. Mr. Massaro is “excited to be principal of the district that gave me my start,” and cannot wait to see what this year brings, as well as the coming years in Cresskill High School. From all of us at The Communiqué, we wish you the best of luck!