Captains Joe Lockhart, Justin Yee, and Toby Zypman Are Taking High School Soccer to a New Level

As the Boys High School Soccer regular season is coming to an end, the three key players that have lead it to success this year have been the captains Toby Zypman, Justin Yee, and Joe Lockhart. Under Coach Jorge Tuesta, the two centerbacks and the attacking midfielder have taken the reigns of this talented team in this 2017 fall season and are now taking them into the state tournament as the 8 seed.

As seniors, the trio of captains was asked to reflect on their four years of playing soccer. Toby, Justin, and Joe all said that the highlight of their years in Cresskill was definitely “being able to make new friends,” which made them “grow as a person” as said by the unstoppable duo stopping any striker from putting the ball in the back of the net, Joe and Justin.

When asked about their feelings about this year’s team, the leader of the midfield, Toby Zypman, highlighted that “it’s probably the best [he’s] played with throughout all of high school and [he believes] that [they] can get very far this year.” This is definitely true as the boys varsity team is heading into the state tournament on October 31st with a 10-6 record and an overall well-balanced squad, the best season that they have had in awhile.

Thanks to the leading of the three, the team has really come together as a family. All players are welcomed and encouraged to improve on a daily basis by the captains and each player works hard together to succeed as a team. Without a doubt the team’s captains Toby Zypman, Justin Yee, and Joe Lockhart have led the team to greatness and have a good chance to win the state tournament this year, with eyes on the acclaimed “ring.”