Cresskill video club members join forces to produce a year-long film

Michelle Yu, Editor in Chief

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The Cresskill video club, founded last year by senior Lia Choi, is going big for its first film project. Rather than dipping their feet in the water by starting off with short, experimental videos, members of the club have begun pre-production on a narrative film that will be completely student-produced, from the script and the music to the cinematography and the editing. The club not only brings together experienced filmmakers to join forces on a major project, but it also encourages newcomers to try out video production for the first time in a group setting.

What the video club hopes to do is mimic an actual film set with strong student collaboration and minimal faculty assistance. Choi believes it is “important for anyone who wants to pursue film in the future to be exposed to the production aspect early on.” The club wants to hit every aspect of filmmaking in hopes of attracting all types of students to join the production crew. The film is not limited to those interested in the creative side; students with a passion for business may sign on to be a producer instead. The club hopes to host a diverse group of students that will make some noise within the school’s art scene.

Currently, Choi is in the process of assigning each club member a role and hopes to meet with the screenwriters, directors, and production directors soon to discuss the film’s progress. By the end of production, Choi hopes to have created a “polished, 3-5 minute original short film” that encapsulates the idea of unity. The club plans to enter the completed film into festivals, including Cresskill’s own NJ High School Film Festival, for it to gain more exposure and recognition.

With the video club setting out to make a student-based but professional-quality film, hopefully other clubs will follow their lead and create their own out-of-school projects that will promote teamwork, simulate real-life settings, and foster shared passions.