Missed Spirit Day? Here’s the Ultimate Recap


Luca Antonio Colannino

The senior class awaiting the announcement of their big win at Spirit Day!

As Spirit Week comes to a close and all the excitement starts winding down, it’s time to step back and look at the bigger picture. While the Seniors ultimately took home the spirit day victory, there were individual wins and smaller battles that are worth being highlighted. Within the Hula Hoop, Push Ups, and Three Legged Race competitions, the Freshmen, the Freshmen, and a tie between the Sophomores and Seniors won the category for their grades respectively. In full spirit of this past year’s historically successful basketball season, the Knockout games drew in quite a crowd of cheerers; by the end, the Freshmen came out the final winners. The M&M, Egg Roll, Musical Chairs, Tug of War, and Dizzy Bat contests also brought a lot of noise from the audience as students watched their fellow classmates compete in suspense. The winners were a tie between the Juniors and Seniors for the M&M challenge; the sophomores for Egg Roll, the juniors for Musical Chairs, the juniors for Tug of War, and freshmen for Dizzy Bat.

With the larger competitions, students watched the Badminton, Volleyball, and Handball games eagerly, and witnessed as the Juniors won Badminton, the Seniors won Volleyball, and Seniors won Handball. In the highly anticipated commercial contest, the Sophomores produced the winning video. During the time of the commercial viewing, students also see their classmates’ singing and acting abilities through Karaoke and Charades, which Freshmen and the Juniors, won respectively.

Quietly, while Spirit Week was happening, students took time off from classes to participate in the less-known activities. All day Monday, a few students per grade scavenged the halls and classrooms of Cresskill in hopes of collecting enough objects and signatures off the list to win the Scavenger Hunt. Ultimately, the Seniors had the best searching skills. Elsewhere, the guidance office hosted the NBA 2K18 Game and Madden Competition, a new addition to annual spirit day events. The Seniors and the Juniors won the NBA and Madden competitions respectively.

Students were also given the opportunity to bake for the Spirit Week judges through the Cake Decorating event; it turns out, the best bakers here are Seniors. Similarly, the artists in the house were given the task of creating an immersive and vibrant hallway atmosphere for students to enter this morning. Who hyped their grade the most? The Freshmen did. Finally, Mr. Metz put students’ brains to the test — we are in school, after all — in the Quiz Bowl. Pooja Balar, Nikhil Chotirmall, Sam Higgins, and Zach Kolodzinski acted as representatives for their grade’s cumulative intellectual ability, and after a long and suspenseful competition, they took the big win.

Spirit Week Competitions:

Spirit Day T-Shirts – Seniors

Scavenger Hunt – Seniors

NBA 2K18 Game – Seniors

Madden Competition – Juniors

Cake Decorating – Seniors

Banner Contest – Seniors

Hall Decorating – Freshmen

Quiz Bowl – Seniors

Gym competitions:

Hula Hoop – Freshmen

Push Ups – Freshmen

Three Legged Race – Sophomores/Seniors

Knockout – Freshmen

M&M Challenge – Juniors/Seniors

Musical Chairs – Juniors

Egg Roll – Sophomores

Dizzy Bat – Freshmen

Tug of War -Juniors Juniors

Badminton – Juniors

Volleyball – Seniors

Handball – Seniors

Commercial – Sophomores

Karaoke – Freshmen

Charades – Juniors

Each year, Spirit Week brings a little competition to Cresskill, and it’s always exciting to see how enthusiastic each grade will be. Though the Seniors ultimately won Spirit Day, everyone came out winners in one way or another.