The seniors cheering their classmates on
The seniors cheering their classmates on

Spirit Day Highlights

May 24, 2018

The freshmen and sophomores brought a lot of spirit to today’s competitions
The seniors cheering their classmates on
Senior Noah Kim entered the push-up competition for the seniors
4 teams compete in a 3 legged race
The girls knockout competition gets underway
Brothers Kristian and Luka Radovich face off in the final round of knock out
The sophomores watch as their classmates pick up M&Ms with chopsticks
Sophomore Zach Boyd (front, left) claims a seat in an early round of musical chairs
Yoolee on (junior, L) knocks out a senior in musical chairs
Yoolee On (junior, L) faces off against Carley Wells (senior, R) in a final musical chairs battle. Yoolee took the win for the junior class.
Madison Wolfer runs across the gym during the dizzy bat competition
Juniors and seniors face off in final round of volleyball competition
Luca Antonio Colannino
The senior class awaiting the announcement of their big win at Spirit Day!

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