The Airpod Epidemic

Victoria Giordano, Staff Writer

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If you ask someone “what type of headphones do you use to listen to music?”, the answer you would most likely receive is “Airpods”. These revolutionary headphones have risen to fame this past holiday season, despite their original arrival to stores six months earlier. Now, everyone is wondering “why now?”.

As the holiday season took over, memes of Airpods began spreading all over several social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Amongst many others, senior Gwenyth Gorfin doesn’t follow the fake, hilarious posts on social media.

“Personally me, I don’t follow memes,” Gorfin quotes, “But I know people who do have Airpods and do go on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and see the memes and enjoy them.”

Besides people enjoying Airpod memes on social media, most people enjoy using them in general for listening to music, watching videos, etc. Most who have them say Airpods are so much easier to use and better than headphones with the wires.

“I used to get my arms tangled in the wires when I had the wired headphones,” senior Kate Klein explains, “They’re also very convenient and easier to carry around and put in your ears.”

Airpods are sold at many stores such as the Apple store. Just like buying a phone, it’s easy to go the Apple store and buy Airpods nowadays. When the holidays came along, the Apple stores were crowded with people buying Airpods to give them to others as presents. That’s where the same question pops up: how did they randomly become popular during the holiday season?

Junior Elena Foley expresses her opinion, “When I first got my Airpods at an Apple store during my vacation in Southern California, I knew they were eventually going to become popular to the public.”

In this case, it makes sense that the holiday season is a time where many stores have sales, making it easier for people to buy their loved ones presents. This explains to how the Airpods became highly well-known during the holiday season.

What’s your opinion on Airpods?