Duck, Dip, and Dive!


From left to right: Mr. Boita, seniors Sophie Green, Sophia Cumella, Audrey Rael, Mrs. Cardenas, and seniors Isabella Moss and Sam Gellman

Victoria Giordano, Staff Writer

March Madness is typically basketball, but have you ever heard of a March Madness that’s dodgeball? On March 21st, the Class of 2020 ran a fundraising event consisting of participants from all high school grades; creating teams of four boys or girls, one boy or girl, and at least one teacher.

“Students and teachers get to wear costumes and team up, inventing names to title themselves,” Class of 2020 advisor Sarah French comments, “It’s something different!”

Many people agreed that doing something different is always fun to do. As Senior Max Gentile states, “It’s for a great cause, good motivation, and a lot of fun.” 

The purpose of the event was to help the Class of 2020 raise money for their prom and other senior class events. Gladly, large amounts of people attended the event and “A lot of people equals a lot of money,” Gentile says.

Secondly, the other purpose of holding the event was to raise money for Mr. Stephen Kline’s fund.

“He would be on the mic, making it more fun and making names,” Senior Sam Carroll said. “It didn’t matter if he knew the name or not, he still loved each and every one of us.”

Junior Aiden Feulner added, “He would have been playing with us.”

Junior Jackie Chamberlain noted, “The only thing that matters is that he’s here with us.”  

Overall, the fundraising event was a success. Announcing about the event on the morning announcements, creating an idea of an event where kids and teachers can get involved, banners made, and so much more to make it happen has been the most part of making this fundraising event a success.

“Friends are playing together – they are connecting with teachers outside of the classroom by playing together. It’s a good, fun, and different way to bring everyone together,” Carroll mentioned. Senior Sophie Green added, “It is a good way to have the opportunity to play with teachers and friends.”

Without the effort of the whole Junior class, this event wouldn’t be as fun.

“It’s all about getting together, being silly, and watching teachers play!” French exclaimed.

But most importantly, as Chamberlain says, “It’s about remembering Mr. Kline. This event hosted by us is our willingness to support him.”