BREAKING NEWS: Find Out Your Class’ Spirit Day Theme HERE

The winning Spirit Day t-shirt designs.

Photo provided by Mrs. Grossman

The winning Spirit Day t-shirt designs.

Samantha Distell and James Park

Spirit Day is right around the corner, and the student body has been hotly anticipating this year’s themes reveal. Well, the wait is finally over: This year’s theme is holidays!

Setting off the firecrackers for this year’s Spirit Day as the 4TH OF JULY, the patriotic seniors.

Spreading love wherever they go, our devoted juniors are VALENTINE’S DAY.

Our scary sophomores will surely bring on the fright this year as HALLOWEEN.

Last but certainly not least, our freshmen are dancing for joy over their theme: SAINT PATRICK’S DAY

This year, Spirit Week has been moved from its usual springtime date to the week of Thanksgiving, leaving two-and-a-half fun-filled days for the lively events. Since there is one less day this year, Pajama Day was dropped from the lineup, and badminton’s Wednesday slot was replaced with a 3-on-3 basketball game. However, Cresskill Day, Theme Day, and Spirit Day still remain.

Ohr Gutman
A sophomore casting a vote for spirit day themes.

Spirit Week brings along an abundance of exciting events that include quiz bowl, volleyball, cake decorating, and so much more. The freshman class is already ahead of the game, as Lacey Shin brought home first place for the Spirit Day T-shirt design competition. The class of 2020, which came tantalizingly close to victory last Spirit Week, is riding on a wave of renewed determination to claim this year’s first place. The juniors, sophomores, and our newest addition to the high school, the freshmen, are all ready to rumble as well. 

Every year it seems that the winners are the same: The seniors win, then the juniors, then sophomores, and in last place the freshmen—but that may not be the case this year. Our senior class is jam-packed with students who, taken together, boast a powerful athletic and intellectual prowess. However, it is November after all: will the stress of college application season distract them this year? Juniors also have a lot on their mind, juggling hefty course loads as well as preparation for standardized tests. Hopefully, they don’t let this throw them off their game. The sophomores did not even have a Spirit video last year—can they pull it together this year? Last but not least, the class of 2023, new to the gauntlet that is high school Spirit Day, is sure to be in for a surprise. We will soon see if they are able to keep up with the upperclassmen.

Spirit Week is only a few weeks away, so get ready for a week full of fun, healthy competition, and—surely—a whole lot of spirit.