Themed Tuesday: A Showdown Between Holidays

In some fluke of astronomy, four holidays collided on what would have been a typical Tuesday. If you stepped into Cresskill High School that morning, there would be no telling if it was November 26 or some extravagant holiday, much less which one — the Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or a confused amalgam of them all.

Just a day ago, students had united in school-spirited solidarity on ‘Mascot Monday’, donning sweatshirts, sweatpants, and T-shirts emblazoned with Cresskill iconography.

But what unity had been reached on Monday was now no more. This was none other than ‘Themed Tuesday’, a competition that promised its victor a whopping 40 points — and the very eve of hotly-anticipated Spirit Day. Overnight, it seemed, CHS students had split along grade lines and exploded by morning in an impassioned expression of the holidays to which they were allegiant. Without a doubt, competition for Themed Tuesday points would be stiff.

In accordance with the Fourth of July, seniors sported red, white, and blue, even as American flags skewered ponytails or doubled as elaborate capes. Juniors, as per Valentine’s Day, got decked out in pink and heart-shaped accessories, while sophomores donned spooky costumes to represent Halloween. And freshmen, clad from head to toe in shamrock green, transformed themselves into veritable leprechauns.

Based on Tuesday’s competitive turnout, it is hard to say which grade will emerge victorious on Spirit Day. One thing, though, is certain — Themed Tuesday is sure to go down in the annals of space-time.