A Ledven-Gorfin Thanksgiving: Food and Friends


Jacqueline Gorfin

The Thanksgiving spread at the Gorfin household.

Jacqueline Gorfin and Elyssa Ledven

The aroma fills the room as we sit down to eat our annual Thanksgiving feast. The good conversation and the comfortable atmosphere makes Thanksgiving one of our favorite meals of the year. From the time the cooking starts until the satisfaction of that first bite, Thanksgiving never fails to fulfill my expectations. With my whole family gathered comfortably nearby, we can’t help but feel happy. Thanksgiving allows families and friends to come together and creates a sense of togetherness around the dinner table. The relaxing hum of a house filled with people we love mingles with the crackling fire to create a soothing harmony.

The Ledven-Gorfin Thanksgiving is not your typical dinner at first glance. The turkey may seem like the star at Thanksgiving, but we are going to have to disagree. Side dishes are where it’s at, and polenta is the hands-down winner at our Thanksgiving dinner. The creamy texture as it first enters the mouth brings many different sensations into the mouth. The secret ingredient is the 1/2 cup of crѐme fraîche. The creaminess it adds to the dish makes a huge difference, so a little goes a long way.

Our dessert is also not a traditional dessert at the table. The main sweet course we have is Magnolia bread pudding and it is to die for. It may not be homemade, but it definitely hits the spot after all the food we had just eaten. 

The amazing thing about Thanksgiving is that every person at the dinner table can have different appetizers, entrees, and desserts that they gravitate towards, but families and friends are still united every third November of the month. At the end of the day, the food is merely a yummy add-on. No matter the food, Thanksgiving brings out the best in people and allows family and friends to be together from near and far to enjoy themselves.