Ways to Give Back While Quarantined


Image Courtesy of Nick Youngson.

Cayla Newman, Staff Writer

In many ways, COVID-19 has sabotaged our lives. We are not able to play school sports, go to work, or eat out. We lost access to day-to-day activities that we previously took for granted. However, we still have access to many opportunities. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of us are able to afford food, water, toilet paper, and other necessities during this time. Most of us have our computers, allowing us to learn remotely and entertain ourselves with Netflix, social media, and magazines when we have spare time.

Last but not least: we have the means to help people who don’t have all of these things.

The quarantine really stinks. It’s normal to feel frustrated in times like these, and it is important to acknowledge these emotions and practice self-care. At the same time, we also need to look beyond our own personal inconveniences, and into the world outside. COVID-19 has far-reaching effects on not just public health, but also on the economy. Clearly, many people around the world are struggling. Let’s give back, while we have the time. Here are eight ways to do so without putting yourself at risk:


  • Donate to a group that supports Public Health


These donations do not have to be huge. Any amount of money can help out. Donating to these groups let them continue to offer assistance to those who need it during this crazy time. They can offer food, sanitizers, and other necessities. 

Organizations to think about:

        1. CDC Foundation
        2. The Public Health Institution
        3. Save the Children


  • Donate to a food bank near you


If you have been to a food bank anytime recently, you know that the shelves are EMPTY. Now, imagine how difficult it would be for the food banks to obtain large amounts of food. Donating money to food banks will ensure that they are able to feed those who really need it.

      1. Organizations to think about
        1. Food Bank NYC
        2. Meals on Wheels
        3. Feeding America
        4. No Kid Hungry


  • Call your elderly neighbors or those who live alone


This may seem a bit awkward, but it can make a huge difference. Those who live alone will appreciate someone checking in on them and asking if sure they need anything. Just talking to them would be helpful. 


  • Virtually tutor or “visit” younger children


If you are a babysitter, or know younger children, text their parents and ask if they need any help. They are most likely not getting as much work as you, and by reading them a book or talking to them through FaceTime or calls would help out the parents more than you know. You could also ask if they need any help with their work, as their teachers are not there to teach them. 


  • Prevent the Spread of False Information


Since COVID-19 is such a huge and global issue, there have been many rumors that spread. Examples of such are that those who are young and healthy are immune to it, and that masks will surely protect you from it. Do some medical research, and spread what you have learned. This will protect more lives than you know. 


  • Lead an online class in anything you love


Organize a workout, craft, or educational class online. This will help pass the time for many, and if it’s for kids, help parents out greatly. Organize a class, and I guarantee a lot of people will want to join!


  • Help out around the house


If none of these options are right for you, there are plenty of things to do in your own house. Make dinner for your family, or do the dishes. Offer to do the laundry, or help your little brother with his homework. 


Everyone could use a little help, some more than another. Use this time to reach out and help those who need it! Let us know what you do to make a difference!