Double Trouble With Waldwick: Brandon Tilp’s Take


Danielle Tilp, Staff Writer

The Cresskill High School boys varsity soccer team plans to face their rival, Waldwick, this Monday, November 9th. Both teams prepare to face each other for the first time this season. Brandon Tilp, senior and speaking captain of the team, gives his take on the upcoming game.

“I feel like we’re both equally matched teams as we saw last year. They won one, then we won one, then we tied in the final to go into penalties. So it was clearly evenly matched and I think that’s the same case this year.” Tilp’s assumption proves to be correct. As of now, both teams are undefeated inside the division, with Cresskill being 7-0 and Waldwick being 8-0. Cresskill has 33 goals scored and 4 goals scored against, while Waldwick has 56 goals scored and 12 goals scored against. 

“It depends on the field that we play on, and just the night.” Tilp explained how there are various factors that can determine who the game goes to. A seemingly insignificant detail, such as the field they play on, could affect how either team plays that night, and therefore it could decide the outcome of a game.

The game on Monday is certain to be a close and exciting game, but not only because the teams are so similar in statistics and skill. This game will also determine their next game against each other, which takes place just two days later on Thursday, November 12th. 

“It’ll make it come down to which team is more fit and can handle it, and also any injuries that occur will be very determining of the second game,” said Tilp. “It’s a weird experience having to play a team twice, but I feel like that’s weird for both teams so it won’t really matter.”

Tilp is confident they will be able to adapt to the unique situation, and even use it to their advantage. After any game, both teams analyze their performance on the field that day. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of both themselves and the opposing team. This way, the next time they face each other, they will be more prepared to win. Having a “rematch” three days after a game will allow the players of both teams to see what they can improve on, with the previous game fresh in their minds. Essentially, “Both teams will change for the next game just to counter the play styles…” states Tilp.

The players on the Cresskill boys varsity team are no strangers to unusual circumstances though. In Tilp’s four years on the varsity team, the team has had three different coaches. He describes how “it’s been tough because every year the coach has to learn all the players and kinda where everyone should play and the formation that we should have, so that’s why we usually lose our first couple games.” The team is also forced to adapt to a new leader and style of coaching with each passing season.

The ability to react and adjust to an unusual change is a skill that the Cresskill team has mastered over the years, which will certainly prove useful this week.