What Everyone Should Know About 5G Connectivity with iPhone


Benjamin Veytsman

When Apple released the new iPhone 12 series on Oct. 13, the idea of 5G connectivity became more ready than ever to become the new standard of cellular data. 5G allows users to download content and stream it at much faster speeds with less lag, latency, and network congestion. But since 5G is still in early development, there are some drawbacks that users face. This includes shorter battery life when in use, cost for manufacturing, low coverage around the United States, and even health concerns. Here is what people living in Cresskill, New Jersey should know about this new technology coming to America’s most popular smartphone. 

Even though 5G has been around for almost 2 years, it has not been as practical as it is today. Coverage was only available on select Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S Series and OnePlus. But when Apple introduced their new line of iPhones for 2020, 5G got real. This allowed for more users than ever to gain access to 5G. On iPhone, you can get a device with coverage starting at just $699 with an iPhone 12 mini. Apple claims this to be the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G smartphone ever made. Other iPhone 12 models include iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max and all 4 phones get the same 5G performance, but does it depend on the location? 

It actually does. There are currently two different variants of 5G, the standard sub-6 GHz and a faster and more advanced mmWave. iPhone 12 models with mmWave support are only available in the United States, while the rest of the world only gets sub-6 GHz. 

According to multiple tests done with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, using 5G may lower battery life as much as 20 percent compared to using 4G. These studies were done by “Tom’s Guide” and results show that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have a shorter battery life using 5G than iPhone 11 using 4G. 

Since 5G is a very new industry, prices for adding capability into smartphones are still extremely high. Because incorporating the technology into iPhone increases the manufacturing cost so dramatically, Apple had to take many aspects of iPhone and give them a downgrade. Battery life has not been upgraded this year and iPhone 12 Pro lasts 1 hour less than iPhone 11 Pro. Also, the power adapter and EarPods were removed from the box and are not included when purchasing an iPhone anymore. This specific change has made Apple receive a lot of backlash and customers are pretty disappointed with this year’s change.    

Another part of 5G data that has not been fully developed yet is the nationwide coverage. For many carriers in the United States, mmWave 5G is mostly available only in large cities and densely populated areas such as New York City, which Cresskill is very close to. Due to this proximity, Cresskill residents may be able to access 5G in their hometown. Compared to 4G, there is much less territory in the United States that is covered by 5G. The only thing to do about coverage is to wait for more places to be accounted for in the United States.

A big question that gets asked a lot concerning 5G is if it is safe for human health-the answer is still uncertain. This is because of how early we are in the development of this stronger network and as it progresses, the more we will find out on how it affects our health. 

5G is the future, and as it develops we can learn more about the benefits and the drawbacks of this faster network and how to get rid of the drawbacks as technology advances.