Cooking With The Communique

Welcome to our newest digital column: Cooking With The Communique!

All kinds of dishes and baked goods will be highlighted on this column in addition to restaurant reviews. Hi, I’m Jacqui Gorfin. I run my own  baking business, Qui’s Treats, and today I had an order and documented the experience.

In the midst of quarantine, I began to excessively bake, like so many others. However, quarantine wasn’t the first time I started to experiment with desserts and baked goods. I started cooking up a storm in the kitchen at the age of 5 with my mom. We created everything from traditional Russian dishes, to apple tarts, and even sushi. I then started to bake because I love sweets and I love the scientific aspect of baking. Over quarantine, I started to perfect my recipes and decide to create: Qui’s Treats. 

After baking countless macarons for customers, I was seeing the same problem. I was getting the smooth top I wanted on them and they weren’t rising as much as I would like. One day, I played around with the measurements and they came out more perfect than I could ever imagine. I wrote down the recipe and it’s been mine ever since!

Brownies are definitely not my area of expertise, but I have used this recipe countless times and have added toppings, switched out chocolates, and it still comes out delicious, so it’s the one I resort to.
Brownie recipe:

The video takes through a step by step of how I accomplish the macarons and brownies from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it! 

I wanted to let my friends know on social media about my business and what better way to do that besides making and Instagram. I started off by posting why I started this then went into posting all of my baked goods!

My website was created due to a business class I was taking over the summer. It was a requirement as the final project to let others know about the start up you created over the course. I chose my baking business as it was already an idea and went with it. I talk about how Qui’s Treats came to be, where all the money is going to, and how you can get involved.