Arihant Birani: The A+ Student


Arihant Birani is a junior student attending Cresskill High School. He is noted for having an exemplary academic career across all subjects covered in his courses. “This year, my junior year, I am enrolled in five AP classes, and I decided to challenge myself, junior year, to set myself up for future success. […] I am just trying to take more difficult classes senior year, too so I can maintain a good track for college.” Arihant wishes to push past the potential senioritis and maintain his academic status. 

The source of Arihant’s success and motivation comes from a very special to him;he attributes his success in academia to “my parents and my family background is a really important part of my success and advancement in education. I feel like without the emphasis my parents place on education I would not be nearly as proficient in academics as I am now.” Arihant’s parents push his grades to the top–and with that push, he can excel.

Of course, such tough courses would put a lot of pressure on a person, however, Arihant doesn’t experience that same weight. He claims that “I do not think I necessarily feel pressured, of course, there is stress due to like big tests and stuff but that is something that like all students face but I don’t feel especially pressured in any way to live up to any academic standard.” Arihant believes that even with his difficult courses, his stress levels are just as high as a normal student.

Nevertheless, just because he does not feel stress, or face any hardships in high school, Arihant says that “throughout high school, I have struggled both academically and in other aspects of school and it is not always easy and it is not always apparent how to recover from these incidents but usually, I just like to just like take some time for myself to just think about them […] when I am alone and try and come up with a solution to best combat these struggles,” Arihant pushes right through his troubles and difficulties to maintain his high performance in academics.

With such good grades and such a bright future, a question arises: what does he plan to do with all of his achievements in school? The plan “is to go to a four-year university. I will probably major in something engineering-related and down the line, I would like to perhaps do real estate and something in combination with an engineering degree or an engineering occupation.” Arihant has a bright future ahead of him and hopefully, his success will exceed expectations once again. He has his goals in sight and strives to reach them with as much success as possible.