Cresskill’s unprecedented snow day shakes up pandemic learning


Shelly Ben-Dor and Benjamin Veytsman

COVID-19 has caused many hardships and taught us how to change our old habits into anew. A lot of struggles came from how our school routine clashed with social distancing requirements. As a result, school districts have altered many things including the length of our classes, clubs/activities, and more. Typical affairs like spirit day, assemblies, and teacher conferences have been modified so we don’t lose them completely due to not being present in the building. Students and teachers all over the world pondered how to go about snow days which are designed for ensuring safety and comfort. 

Normally we would have received a snow day considering the strong winds and estimated 12-18 inches of snow. Many thought it would be silly to have a snow day and cancel our online procedures, saying it would throw off our work ethic having a break in the middle of the week. Others were yearning for a day off enjoying the winter wonderland with family and friends. Teachers were elated to delay assigning work and instructing classes, along with students who needed this break to relax and recleanse their minds. 

Since the day off was a Thursday, this allowed students in the Cresskill district to experience “two Fridays” and many took advantage of it. On Wednesday, it was already discussed that the snow day was probable so not everybody sat down and did their school work right away. Instead, people took the time to relax and spend time with family and friends, like on any other Friday. The next day, people had their fun and prepared for the following school day, which would be Friday again. Overall, this occurrence granted students the chance to put their minds at rest and let them enjoy themselves just a little bit more than the average week of pandemic learning. 

On Thursday, people took advantage of the other night’s precipitation and went sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or just full on playing in the snow. But all these fun activities come at a cost. Because of how much snow there was, many had to put in the effort and take the time out of their day to shovel their driveways. CHS Sophomore, Morgan Garcia stated, “I spent so much time shoveling the driveway, but it was worth it in the end to go sledding with my friends.” Her story was one of many positive experiences people enjoyed from the snow day. Another sophomore, Eryn Hong said, “Even though I did not go outside, I still enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and took the day to relax.” Seasonal food and drinks were able to put many in the holiday spirit for Christmas and New Years soon to come and the snow day allowed people to prepare them. Students had a nice break from school and are looking forward to more surprise days off during the winter season. Even though this time off was technically not needed, it gave many the opportunity to have a pleasant day, free from school stress.