Prepare to be Shocked reading ‘We Were Liars’

A combination of mystery, romance, and self discovery leads to one thing: a good read. For practically two days nonstop I nestled into my bed and fell into a world of heartache and curiosity.

Prepare to be Shocked reading We Were Liars

Emma Mor, Staff Writer

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is a story about the so-called perfect Sinclair family that owns a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. Each year, the protagonist, Cadence, spends the summer with her three best friends: Mirren, Johnny, and Gat. During the summer when they are fifteen, Cadence and Gat have a summer fling that consists of deep talks on the roof, stargazing on dark nights, and long walks on the beach as seagulls fly by. Then the story takes a turn: Cadence gets into an accident. She is found soaking wet on a beach shore at night, having suffered from hypothermia, respiratory issues, and head trauma. She remembers very little from the summer, nothing about her accident, and additionally, suffers from migraines. During the summer in which Cadence is sixteen, she writes constantly to Mirren, Johnny, and Gat, but none of them ever reply. She mails them packages, but they never even send a thank you her way. Next summer, when Cadence is seventeen, she makes it her mission to remember what happened during the summer of her accident and why all of her friends have disappeared. 


By this part in the book, I was so desperate to know what happened I completely ignored the rest of the world. The plot is extremely well thought out down to the very smallest details. The battles for power show you how much greed and judgment contribute to the downfall of a family.


I found that the language complexity used made the book much more interesting to read. The way the author uses metaphors and other figurative language make Cadence’s character more vulnerable, which I personally found appealing. I could relate to Cadence– not because we had both been in life-threatening situations, but because of her thought process and journey of self-discovery. I would also like to point out – without spoiling – how truly shocked I was when I uncovered the plot twist. By the time I finished the sentence, my mouth had dropped and my eyes were tearing up. This was, by far, one of the least possible things I would have expected. Looking back, there were small hints that I noticed which helped me understand the author’s writing style and thoughts. My perspective on the story completely changed after reading that one chapter. 


This thrilling coming of age novel will make you question your own relationships and is definitely a must-read.