The Bachelorette Returns: The Week 1 Recap

It’s October, and you know what that means: “The Bachelorette” is back! The first episode of season 18 premiered Tuesday night at 8pm revealing this year’s lucky lady, Michelle Young. Hopes are high that Michelle will save the floundering bachelor(ette) nation, and so far I’d say she is doing just that.


Who is Michelle Young?
Michelle Young is a 28-year-old fifth grade teacher from Minnesota with a past on the courts. She played Division 1 basketball at Bradley University I am personally looking forward to watching her destroy one of those poor men in a 1v1 basketball date. Young was introduced to fans in season 25 of the bachelor where she was a late addition to the lineup of ladies hoping to win Matt James’ heart. Michelle unfortunately did not get the final rose that season, but this fall she will be giving out her own final rose to one lucky gentleman.

Entrances: Cute or Cringey?
The entrances are always corny, but it’s important to distinguish between the cute corny and the cringey corny, and there were plenty of both last night. There were basketballs, flips, and pizza. However, the introduction that is surely vivid in viewer’s minds today is Rick rolling in on a silver platter. He let us know early that he is not just a snack, but a full course meal. I wonder what the crew was thinking when they were told that they needed to wheel a full grown man around under a table. I suppose that is what you sign up for when working on “The Bachelorette” right? Speaking of the crew, I bet the producers were rolling on the ground laughing after sending PJ in on a blaringly loud real fire truck directly after Daniel rode in on

a toy fire truck. Ah reality tv, you gotta love it.


A Blast From the Past:
Michelle was greeted by an old (well I wouldn’t exactly say friend) familiar face attached to the name Joe Coleman. We are quick to find out that Michelle slid into Joe’s DMs and he ghosted her! At home millions of fans are screaming at their screens to “SEND HIM HOME!” I don’t know about you, but the whole situation smells a little fishy to me. He ceases communication with Young until she is on national television, and he shows up out of the blue? Then to blame his silence on the death of George Floyd?! Excuse me if I am questioning his motives for being here. To my surprise Joe received a rose from Michelle which means we will be seeing his face next week. His true colors are soon to be revealed…




The First to go Home:
Ryan Fox– you are awful. Ryan was the first contestant to be sent home and for good reason. Co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams

discovered Ryan’s secret notes that  reveal his true nature. I know Michelle loves basketball, but I’m thinking she is not into this type of playbook. Ryan had pages and pages listing articulate plans on how to act, get more screen time, and not present himself as a “villain”. When Michelle found out the news, teacher mode was activated, and she ordered him to show her the notes. I applaud Michelle for sending Ryan home at the first sign of red flags. The arrogance from the start was enough, but come on he can’t even spell ‘bachelorette’ correctly! Bye Ryan, we won’t miss you!

By the end of the night seven men were sent home, and the starting 30 had already begun to whittle down to 23. As the competition gets more intense I am excited to see who proves themself worthy of Michelle and who proves themself worthy of the backseat of a limo ride home. See you next week!


This Week’s Favorite Tweets: