Juniors Split Opinions on St. Therese Learning

November 15, 2021

After Cresskill High School was left in ruinous pieces after hurricane Ida, administrators have finally found a building to house its students on a rotational-based schedule. A push from parents and students alike to get back to in-person learning was strong from September to now. However, now that going back in is a reality, some students feel differently than others about it. We chose to focus on the junior class – who has not had a full year of high school yet – in this head-to-head.


Junior Eryn Hong is in complete support of getting students back into the building. She feels that this is the best way to get her education as she is forced to pay attention and does not have to deal with all the distractions that come with being home. This is a common issue among virtual students; when teachers are not in front of your face and you know they can’t really see what you are doing there is immediately less pressure on the students to stay on task. It is the pressure of teachers in person that is creating a hesitation of some students to want to go back. Eryn addresses this as a diligent student would,  “I have not taken an in-person test since 2 years ago, so I am pretty nervous to take my first one soon. However, I think it is best for students to experience taking in-person tests because it will prepare them for the future, especially for college.” She understands that students are not going to be in this virtual bubble forever and that they need to be able to form connections with teachers and students alike, the only way to do so effectively by being in-person.

Her education is not the only thing that drives her support of being in a school building. Eryn revels in the social aspect of school that she has been deprived of for almost two years. When she sees “everyone interact with each other in the hallways and in the classrooms it makes my day so much better. It’s good to see everyone doing well and interacting with people in-person makes me feel like we are one whole community who support each other through hardships.”  School allows students to interact with other students that may not be in their immediate friend group. This mingling is critical to student-development and even group projects where you are assigned someone you may not be the closest with helps foster your ability to adapt to situations and work with people you may like or dislike; all of which are essential skills in the real world.

Eryn is “so happy that the administrators came together and worked out a plan so that us students could experience a somewhat normal school year!” and hopes those who may oppose it now will come to see the benefits it has for all of us.

Junior Bianca Glavicic is not happy about plans being made to go back into school full time. She feels that it is going to be hard to go back after doing online school for 2 years. Glavicic says she “has become accustomed to the online learning lifestyle.” She has developed routines that help her get through the day as efficiently as possible. When everyone first found out the school would be closed for this year Glavicic was very upset that she would be missing yet another year of her high school career but she has learned to accept it and even enjoy it. 

Glavicic says she loves being at home while she does school. “I love being in the comfort of my own home, with my dogs and cat,” she says. Although Glavicic misses the social aspect of school, she makes up for it by doing online school with friends. “Either some of my friends come to my house or I go over to their house and we do school together,” she adds.

Glavicic’s grades have been very good since she started online school and she fears her grades will suffer if she goes back to school full time in person. Learning online is a lot different then learning in person and it would take her a while to adjust back to the normal school lifestyle. “Taking tests and quizzes online is a lot easier than it is in school,” she says.  

Although Glavicic does not want to go back full time this year, she would prefer to be back full time next year for her senior year. “I would want to experience at least 1 normal year of high school and would want it to be my senior year,” Glavicic says in an interview. She wants to spend her senior year with her friends and doing senior activities. But as for right now, Glavicic would like to remain online.

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