Global Warming in the World and at Home in Cresskill


Hello folks, it is now November. Oh, how time flies. It feels like just yesterday when the sun was warmly and comfortably beating down on us all during August. Now, it’s bitterly cold, especially for autumn. Really, how did it become so darn cold all of a sudden?

Well, besides the natural progression of the seasons and weather, it is an undeniable fact that our weather is getting more extreme. The Earth’s temperature has been slowly rising since as early as the 1800’s, close to the Industrial Revolution. This rate of change has only doubled in the past fourty years. According to a report from, the planet has been warming up 0.18 °C per year on average.

This, of course, brings about hotter summers and melted ice caps. The year of 2020 was even recorded as the second-warmer year, with land areas reaching never before seen highs in temperature. However, global warming has another unfortunate feature. It can make our autumns and winters feel colder.

There are many factors that go into this. Rising sea levels equate more water to turn into snow, melting ice weakens jet streams, and warmer summers make the winter feel colder than ever. New studies show that the increase in snowfall even impacts the Polar Vortex, a huge windstorm of cold air that circulates above the Earth. The Polar Vortex stretches and allows freezing weather to travel to the U.S.

Climate change hasn’t just affected the winter, though. I’m sure we all are familiar with Hurricane Ida, the storm that has kept students locked away for another semester. An increase in hurricanes, storms, and their destructiveness can be attributed to global warming. With sea levels rising due to melted ice caps, there’s more rain for storms to pick up. Flooding and the damage it brings may only become more common with time.

Global warming may sometimes seem like a disconnected and slow problem, but it is already affecting people everywhere, including Cresskill citizens. Make sure you check your weather app in the morning and stay safe. The Farmer’s Almanac warns of a mercilessly cold winter this year, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to plan outfits and outings accordingly. The weather can be a very dangerous thing sometimes, so it’s always best to stay informed and watch over yourself during the harsher weather.

But on the bright side, the last two seasons don’t just bring a miserable chill. Thanksgiving and the winter holidays will be arriving soon! Just make sure to stay warm and updated this year. Spread the good word and try to enjoy the change in seasons, no matter how quickly they like to sneak up on us.