Cresskill’s Very Own Lawntrepeneur

Senior Nicky Coleman decided when he was 16 to take on the endeavors of running his own business. It started off one winter day, when he was snow blowing the neighbors driveway with his brother Anthony, out of pure neighbor-like kindness. This was when one of them actually suggested starting a business out of the task. Nicky took this suggestion and saw it out to its fullest potential. 

His first order of business was to gain clientele, for which he utilized Facebook to reach families who needed their snow cleared. What was just supposed to be a winter gig for him turned into something much more when one of his clients asked “Do you mow lawns?”

Nicky’s ambitious attitude responded, “No, but maybe we will get into that too!” In what Nicky describes as “spiraling out of control (in the best way possible)” he was now dipping his feet in the landscaping business. His parents were crucial to the foundation of the business. 

Nicky’s dad, Ray Coleman, having run a landscaping company himself in high school, was able to provide Nicky with advice on how to go about things like clients’ demands, staying organized, and maintaining efficiency. His parents assisted by being investors without returns, which bought the first equipment Nicky used to start the business. For the most part, now he is able to fund the purchase of new equipment himself but they choose to help out here and there to support their son.

He has built his client base to 25 at his peak during the summer, but when fall rolls around Nicky has other obligations and priorities that he must take into account. In order to keep a balanced schedule between school, football, and student life he has reduced his clientele. When asked about the appeals of the business, Nicky could proudly say that “the money is definitely great but I do have a genuine passion for what I do.” He explains how it is both relaxing and a great time all in one.

His favorite part about the job is blowing leaves; hooked up with his backpack blower, 8 horsepower push Nicky feels “content and in control clearing that lawn in the most effective way, it makes [him] feel successful seeing the grass once again.” He goes on to explain how he is equipped with Redbacks EBZ 8550 with 980 CFM, 8 horsepower little wonder Honda Gx Engine with 2000 CFM, and if you did not understand all of that lawn care terminology you are not the only one. However, when speaking about all his equipment and methods it is clear Nicky loves it. Close friend James Milionis can confirm that Nicky’s business is one of his highest priorities, saying “sometimes after Saturday morning football I would ask Nicky to hang out and grab a bite but he would always respond, “Sorry man gotta mow the lawns.’ I was like, ‘man I understand that business life, all good.'”

You can catch your fellow schoolmate on Saturdays in the Bergen county area doing whatever landscaping tasks that his clients need to be done. Spotted often with a leaf blower set on his back, he swiftly blows leaves into a single pile and then clears the lawn seemingly effortlessly. He plans to continue this entrepreneurial spirit in his later life whether it be in this business or taking what he has learned here into a different area. Nicky Coleman is willing to go “wherever the road takes [him]”.