Bringing it Home: The Consensus on CHS’s Highly Anticipated Homecoming


Image courtesy of John Massaro on Twitter

On November 5, 2022, Cresskill High School hosted its revival of the homecoming dance. Students were excited about the idea for weeks, since it would be the first homecoming dance they had the opportunity to attend.

This excitement soon turned into a reality: walking in, students entered on a “red carpet,” made up of red paper which led to the check in area. Farther into the gym lobby, a photo booth was set up. There, people lined up with their friends to take pictures to capture the moment in the most perfect way. Continuing on, as you walked into the gymnasium, the huge table filled with drinks and delicious snacks caught your eye. The loud music filled your ears and the exciting lighting effects set the scene.

It seemed like the perfect night. However, many CHS students wouldn’t describe it as so. Many students enjoyed the first hour of the night, but the party died out as the night went on. This started to happen as some groups of friends left early, because not many students came in the first place.

The high price of the tickets probably affected the low turnout, along with the restriction that only Cresskill students were allowed to attend. If more students have shown up, this definitely would have been a night to remember. Overall, the event was well-planned, and hopefully happens again next year with more participation from students.