“Don’t Worry Darling”: An Honest Review


At the premiere of “Don’t Worry Darling,” fans who were highly anticipating the release of the movie were instead fixated on the controversy between its A-List cast members.

Videos of Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine circulated on social media shortly before the movie’s release. Florence Pugh, who played one of the leading characters, dismissed and downplayed the release of the movie which led fans to assume that there was a rift between her, and director, Olivia Wilde.

Olivia Wilde’s separation from Jason Sudekis gave rise to the rumors of her extramarital affair with Harry Styles, another pivotal cast member. By the time Don’t Worry Darling hit theaters, people were skeptical of whether or not the movie would match the caliber of the talented cast

The well-trusted review site, Rotten Tomatoes, gave the movie a score of 38% while the audience score was a whopping 74%.

Initially, the controversy and negative press discouraged me from watching the movie. I had extremely low expectations and presumed it was going to disappoint. However, I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised.

The first quarter of the movie was a drag then the story line picked up with one dramatic scene and then, one right after another. I was hooked.

Alice and Jack Chambers are a married couple in a 1950’s setting. Once Alice’s former best friend, Margaret disappears, Alice can’t help but question the circumstances surrounding her friend’s disappearance. Her questions and theories are constantly silenced by Jack. Soon enough, Alice develops an idea of the secret everyone is hiding. This leads to her distrust of her close knit community.

Florence Pugh channeled Alice’s character and captivated her audience. As for Harry Styles, I had low expectations. I didn’t think he would pull off such a role, but, honestly, he did. As for the psychological thriller element of the movie, I thought it was well executed. My adrenaline spiked, my mouth fell open and I, too, had questions.

If you enjoy thrillers, or you’re fans of the cast, I’d say the Don’t Worry Darling is worth watching.