Lack of Interest in Powderpuff Game Leaves Students Disappointed


Girls playing football in the 2021 powderpuff game

The powderpuff game: girls play football, boys cheerlead. Last year, this event was pulled together by the CHS student council and was a rousing success. However this year the interest was lower. While there were many underclassmen girls that signed up to play, there was only one senior. Due to this, unfortunately, the powderpuff game will not be held this year.

While the interest was low, many students were still looking forward to this event. A sophomore who signed up for the game, Taleen Atakhanian, had missed her opportunity to play, “I didn’t get to go last year and I was looking forward to it this year,” she says.

Just like many others who signed up, she “wished it wasn’t canceled”.

Sarah Lac, another sophomore who wasn’t able to sign up last year as well, expressed her disappointment as well, “I am sad it’s canceled, I wanted to play and see the boys cheerlead”.

She was frustrated as she had been waiting for this event to happen this year. She was excited for it ever since the announcement for the powderpuff game came out, only to later find out it was no longer taking place. “I’m also angry it was canceled, I really wanted it to happen,” she expresses.

Boys cheerleading at the 2021 game

I had also signed up to play for the underclassmen team. What prompted me to sign up was because I had played in the powderpuff game last year and was looking forward to doing it again

The girls playing football in the 2021 powderpuff game

The 2021 Powderpuff game was the first one Cresskill High School had. After covid shut down all school activities and the flood took down our school, it was the first school event in a long time. Now, in the new 2022-2023 school year, this event doesn’t seem to be catching peoples eye.

Sarah Lac believes the school should try to announce this event again, even though there was a lack of participation for the first interest form. “I think we should try to make this happen later in the year and make it a bigger announcement,” she suggests.

It is safe to say that while there was a drastic decrease in the participation of the students, there are still numerous people who were anticipating the powderpuff game and are let down by its cancellation. Hopefully interest in this event can be rekindled in later years, with more students eager to take part in this iconic tradition.