The 2022 FIFA World Cup: Everything You Need to Know


Saturday, November 19: World Cup Eve. Fans around the world are preparing themselves for the most highly anticipated event of the year. They charge their devices and iron their favorite jerseys. They go to sleep early, overcome with a combination of excitement and – if their country is playing tomorrow – nerves.

Tomorrow, the most popular international sporting event kicks off in Qatar. Controversy has followed the announcement of this year’s host country and has made it clear that this year’s World Cup will be like no other. Here is everything you need to know.

The Location

The process of determining which country will host the World Cup is a very serious affair, taking place years before the event even takes place. Not only do they gain worldwide recognition, but the amount of tourists the countries receive as well as the diplomatic ties the event stimulates are a recipe for economic success. It’s no surprise that so many countries are eager to be chosen for this position.

Qatar won the World Cup bid in 2010 over The United States, Australia, South Korea, and Japan, making them the first Middle Eastern host country. The circumstances that come with this fact have caused its fair share of problems. The World Cup has always taken place in May, June, or July but because of Qatar’s dangerously hot summers, it has been moved to the winter for the very first time.

Another argument against Qatar hosting the Cup is how they’re not known for having a strong reputation when it comes to football. This claim isn’t as secure, however, as the same can be said about the other countries who bid.


Although Qatar is roughly 11 times smaller than New York, it is colossal in terms of wealth. As one of the foremost oil exporting countries, Qatar is the third wealthiest country in the world.

This fact combined with FIFA’s corrupt reputation has led to accusations of bribery on both parties. These claims are not unfounded. According to the New York Times, more than half the people involved in the votes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, including the former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, have been accused of wrongdoing, though not necessarily criminally charged.


Via BrianStraus on Twitter

Homosexuality in Qatar is a crime. Non-Muslims can be fined and face up to seven years in prison. For Muslims, the maximum sentence is death by stoning. Qatar’s Preventative Security Department has arrested numerous LGBT citizens and have even been known to utilize government-sponsored conversion therapy.

Although Qatari officials have stated that “everyone is welcome” in their country, many don’t condone the country’s anti-LQBTQ policies.

Numerous participating countries have shown their support for the LQBTQ community ahead of the World Cup, with Team USA even being rumored to wear rainbow flags on their jerseys as a display of solidarity.


In order to accommodate their role as hosts, Qatar had to build many stadiums in a short amount of time. To do this, they brought in thousands of migrant workers who experienced serious abuses and inhumane treatment. A report by Amnesty International gives insight to the conditions including:

  • Squalid and cramped accommodation.
  • Paying large fees ($500 to $4,300) to recruiters in their home country to get a job in Qatar.
  • Being deceived as to the pay or type of work on offer.
  • Not being paid for several months, creating significant financial and emotional pressures on workers already burdened with heavy debts.
  • Employers not giving or renewing residence permits, leaving them at risk of detention and deportation as “absconded & rdquo; workers.
  • Employers confiscating workers passports and not issuing exit permits so they could not leave the country.
  • Being threatened for complaining about their conditions.

FIFA has not addressed the exploitation of workers in the building of Qatar’s stadiums and has even refused to pay those who came forward.

Playing in a stadium that innocent people died building and having corrupt organizations profit off of it is eye opening to the true cost of this year’s event.

While this year’s World Cup has gotten off to a shaky start, it is still important to consider all the careful planning and preparation that made it happen and most importantly, support your team!