First Week Recap: Revenge, Revolution, and Raw Talent

If you have been following the World Cup, the last week has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions. Now that the Group Stage is coming to an end, here are some of the most memorable moments from Qatar.

Saudi Arabia Defeating Argentina 2:1

In their opening match, Saudi Arabia shocked the entire world by defeating the country ranked third best in the world. No one could have predicted this huge upset; Saudi was given merely an estimated 8.7% chance of winning. Not to mention, the last three teams to ever defeat Argentina had gone on to the finals. While this is sadly an impossibility for Saudi Arabia who have recently been eliminated, their miraculous underdog achievement will go down in World Cup history.

Courtesy of Reuters


Tunisia Defeating Their Former Colonizers

On Wednesday November 30th, Tunisia was looking to bounce back from their previous losses in both matches of the group stage. On the other hand, their French opponents were sitting comfortably, already having qualified for the round of 16. Tunisia definitely gave their ex-colonizer country a run for their money though. A goal by Wahbi Khazri in the 58th minute prompted France to sub in their top-scorer, Kylian Mbappé, who was sitting pretty on the bench until then, but still couldn’t secure France’s victory. (no hate Mbappé ily <3)

Here’s a mini history lesson to demonstrate why this was such a significant moment for Tunisians (or all North Africans for that matter): 

In order to take control of Tunisia, which was part of a tug-of-war between Italian and English influence, France took control of the territory in 1881. Their colonialism stimulated many changes, some positive, but also gave them complete control over the country’s affairs: finances, economy, military, etc. This lasted up until 1956, when the separatist movement led by Habib Bourgiba successfully reached an accord which granted Tunisian Independence. 

Although the World Cup is still over for Tunisia regardless of this win, the history between these two countries definitely makes their ending a little sweeter. 

Tunisian National Team Celebrating Their Victory Over France/Via Getty Images

USA vs. England: 0-0???

I don’t know about everyone else, but I was expecting Team USA to endure the same embarrassing defeat to England as Iran did. While the game itself was a disappointing lack of action, scrolling on social media prior definitely made up for it. Not only that, but playing against England sparked a flame of patriotism in my body that I didn’t know I had. 



Richarlisons Brilliant Goal vs. Serbia 

Richarlison’s Scissor Kick Goal vs. Serbia/Via AP

Richarlison scored Brazil’s two goals in the second half against Serbia. His second one, which included an impressive acrobatic display, is definitely the goal of the competition so far. 


The Debut of Football’s Rising Stars 

While this is the final World Cup for some of football’s most iconic figures such as Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar (?) rest assured, there is a wave of up and coming stars following in their footsteps. As pivotal members of their respective teams, players such as Pablo Gavi (18, Spain), Jude Bellingham (19, England), and Jamal Musiala (19, Germany) have proven that age doesn’t always impede skill and that the future of the sport remains bright. 


Jamal Musiala, Jude Bellingham, Pablo Gavi (Left to Right)/Courtesy of Getty Images


If the next round of the competition is as action packed as the first, we are all definitely in for a treat. And I for one look forward to continue hearing the cheers coming from the D-Wing hallway!