Stuck in 2020: How Virtual Learning is Still Impacting Students’ Education Two Years Later


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Illustration: zubada via iStock

From virtual learning during the global pandemic in 2020 to the flooding of Cresskill High School a year later, high school students have been missing out on a proper education. Although the administration has put in an immense effort to get the school back to its orderly fashion, there are still some things that could be improved in the education system.

Before the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, it was announced that the high school introduction to the business course would not have a teacher. Panicked, the board of education quickly came up with a solution. What was their idea? That the class would be taught through a virtual program with an online teacher. Many students opposed this idea, hoping to learn through a traditional classroom setting. As a result of this teaching method, many CHS students taking the course are losing interest in the subject of business and need help with the class content. “I feel that the virtual intro to business classroom minimizes my learning and engagement within the classroom. I think this class will help me with the basics of starting a business, but I don’t think it will be as useful as if it was taught in person,” said Annabelle Atakhanian, a freshman enrolled in the course.

While students are learning via zoom, Principal Massaro and the board of education are working hard to hire a business teacher for the class. However, this is a challenging task as most teachers do not have the certifications to teach business. In addition, it is nearly impossible to find a teacher that is fit for the job. “There have been people we have interviewed, but they need to meet our standards here at Cresskill. We have high expectations for our various staff, and when we do the interview process, we need to hire someone we feel will be successful, providing the level of education we want for our students. If we didn’t have this virtual option, we would have to cancel the business course completely,” explained Massaro.

Though the intro to business class will continue virtually for, there is still hope that a permanent teacher will be found before the end of the school year.