The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Interest


The crackling of a warm fire. The brightly lit up Christmas tree. The joy in everyone’s spirits as the smell of creamy hot chocolate wafts through the air. But when we think of the holidays, images of carefully wrapped gifts come to mind instantly. People of all ages look forward to this time of year when we can swap presents, but the preparation that goes on beforehand can be stressful. It’s tough to find gifts that make each person feel special, rather than buying cookie cutter gifts that you can give to anyone. But your search ends here. This is the ultimate gift guide for 2022’s holiday season.

For the Fitness Buff:

Yoga Mat
For the yogi or HIIT fan, a good quality mat is a must. This one from Lululemon is grippy and comes in several patterns and colors for the ultimate power-workout.

Running Shoes
A good running sneaker is necessary for any fitness buff – it’ll be versatile for every type of workout, from running to training to cycling. This one is super lightweight and won’t weigh you down on your workout!

Bala Bangles
This is the perfect addition to mundane tasks: just wear on your ankles or wrists when washing dishes, cleaning your room, or going on a walk, and this will give a little boost of exercise without the additive time!

For the Foodie:

Heated Mug
With the temperatures dropping day by day, the foodie in your life will need a heated mug to keep their drinks warm. Fill this mug up with coffee, tea, or your drink of choice and not only will it stay warm for hours on end, but it will also keep the drink at your preferred temperature. Bonus: it includes a charging coaster.

Mini Waffle Maker
Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – start your morning on the right foot with a plate of mini waffles straight from this mini waffle maker. Small enough to bring to college, this waffle maker is perfect for your breakfast lover.

Stand Mixer
All bakers need a nice stand mixer to make their sweet treats! It makes the baking process quicker – plus, you can make fluffy souffle pancakes and meringue cookies.

Deck the Dough Cookie Kit
From the famous Insomnia Cookies in NYC, get this “Deck the Dough” cookie decorating kit – it comes with premade Insomnia cookies, cookie cutters, icing, and decorative candy. Get together with a group of friends and celebrate the holidays with cookie decorating!

For the beauty guru:

No outfit is complete without a signature scent! This scent from Jo Malone, loved by Meghan Markle, is light and floral – perfect for everyday wear or for a special occasion.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush
This blush has been all over my FYP: you only need a tiny bit for the perfect flush on your face, so it should last for a long time! As a part of Selena Gomez’s makeup line, watch this bring out the youth to your face.

Dior Lip Oil
For the perfect, kissable lips this holiday season, add this Dior lip oil to the top of your wishlist! With the chill in the air, you’ll definitely need this for a little moisture and gloss on your lips.

Supergoop Glowscreen
Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you can skip the SPF. This one has a glowy finish with a little bit of tint for the perfect, radiant, and protected skin.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set
For silky, hydrated, and glossy hair, this shampoo, conditioner, and hair perfector trio is perfect. Viral on TikTok, ring in the new year with fabulous hair by using this bond maintenance set from Olaplex!

For the musician:

Sony Headphones
For all music lovers, a good quality pair of headphones to jam out to your favorite songs is a necessity. These ones from Sony are super sleek while functional with a powerful noise canceling feature and great quality speakers.

Record Player
9th grade English with Mrs. DeMarco: you’re independently reading or writing in your journal with a record playing in the background. Recreate this same serene vibe in your own room with this super aesthetic record player!

Shower Speaker
Boring showers? You’ll need this daisy bluetooth waterproof shower speaker to listen to music or podcasts to make your showers a breeze!

This year, with the help of this gift guide, your gift-giving game will be on point. Be prepared to see the pure joy on your family and friends’ faces when they open these gifts. Happy holidays!