All The Ways Taylor Swift Has Hinted At Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)


Lior Oren

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, you know she loves releasing easter eggs as a way letting her fans know what she is up to. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show in November 2021, she talks about how she uses this as a way of communicating to her supporters to hint at new albums, as well as leave messages to be decoded in her lyrics. Now with her recent release of Midnights, she has used it as a way to possibly hint at her release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

For those who don’t know, the majority of her albums were released under the record label ‘Big Machine Records’, which she signed with at 15 and gave label ownership of her masters. By re-recording her albums over the years, she now has full ownership of her masters allowing her to have full control over their use in advertisements, movies, etc.

She has already released re-recorders of her other albums like Fearless and Red. With the announcement of her new album, she has left more easter eggs than ever, and her fans believe she might release Speak Now (TV) next. Here are all the reasons why (or the ones I found)…


Bejeweled Music Video:


  1. In the beginning of her recent music video for Bejeweled, a song from her new album Midnights, you can faintly hear the song Enchanted, which is part of her album Speak Now.
  2. One of the characters says “Speak Not”, which sounds very similar to “Speak Now”.
  3. Each button on the elevator presents her albums. She has released 12 albums so far, and Speak Now is purple themed. She presses the 3rd floor, which happens to be purple and her 3rd album, presenting Speak Now. This led fans to predict that the 13th floor is Speak Now (TV).4. On the same note, on the outside of the elevator, the last floor is the 13th one, with the purple theme of Speak Now… and later on in the video she goes to the 13th floor.

5.  She is seen sitting on a clock with the hand pointing at 3.

6. She literally has S and N pinned in her hair, standing for Speak Now.

7. Lastly, the music video was released on Speak Now’s 12th anniversary.


Moving on from the Bejeweled music video…


8. At the American Music Awards this month, she wore an outfit and styled her hair very similar to the Speak Now Era…

    2010:                                                         2022:

9.This was posted on Taylor Nation’s instagram on November 1st. She is wearing the dress from Speak Now.

There are way too many hints to ignore, and knowing Taylor Swift, there are probably hundreds more that other fans and I missed. With the announcement of her tour, will she release Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) early enough to perform them? Hopefully she releases it swiftly enough!