How Cresskill Students Keep Track of their Assignments


As school goes on, we can get mixed up with the chaos of all of our assignments. It is important to stay organized as one missing assignment could cause your parents to go ballistic. So how do students keep track of their assignments in Cresskill High School? I interviewed nine freshmen on their method of keeping track of assignments along with other questions such as how effective they think their method is, and their past ways. I will also state my own way on how I keep track of my assignments and analyze some students’ methods pros and cons. 

I keep track of my assignments by writing everything down on a sheet of paper when I get home or during class when the teacher assigns it. When I get home I go through every class in my head and remember if there was an assignment for that day. I separate the paper into five sections for each day and write them down. I would rate my method 9/10 as it’s effective for me. It gets one point off since when I get home and go through the assignments from my head, I rarely forget if there was something assigned. I think I will use this method forever as it has been working for me since elementary school. It only has one minor flaw which is I might forget if there was something assigned. Now that I got my method out of the way, let’s get into the ways other students keep track of their assignments. 

Freshman student Wesley Chu stated, “Brain, I memorize all of them. I would rate this method 11/10 because I’ve never forgotten about an assignment using this. I didn’t use any other methods when I was younger and I plan to use this forever.” Personally, I disapprove of this method as I feel it’s extremely risky. There is a chance for you to forget and unless you have a sharp memory, I don’t think it’s adequate. For me, I would probably have a few missing assignments per week. I don’t see it working for me. Other students who use this method are Clara Fukano and Alessandra Marino. When asked about what method she uses, Alessandra said, “I just remember, I never used any other method before. I’ve never forgotten an assignment and I’d rate it a 10/10.” It seems that this method only works for some individuals. 

The most popular method based on the nine freshmen I interviewed was using Google Classroom. The students who use this method are Kate Semenoro, Olivia Kim, David Cheng, and Agam Arzi. David Cheng stated that he memorizes all of them and uses Google Classroom. He rated this method a 9/10; it has one point off because he missed an assignment or two this past year. He used to write down his assignments in the planner that his elementary school provided. However, he rated this a 6/10 as it didn’t help him. He also said that he’ll be using Google Classroom forever to keep track of his assignments. In my opinion, this method is alright. It’s not necessarily the best as there is a chance that the teacher won’t post the assignment. Therefore, you may forget if they said there was an assignment. It’s a somewhat reliable method but still has its flaws. 

From the few freshmen I’ve interviewed, students all use a variety of methods to keep up with their assignments. Students adapt and find out which method works best for them. A certain method may not work for another such as total memorization. It is important that we learn ways that are most effective to us.