CHS Holiday Haul

CHS Holiday Haul

   This winter break, the students of CHS received many spectacular gifts for the holidays. We reviewed the items of many students we got and ranked them on how popular they were. 


As expected, the first spot goes to…




The very trending, Airpod Max!


This made the perfect holiday gift for loved ones which is why it was such a popular gift among students. Despite the “pricyness,” as it sells for a whopping $540, it’s worth money due to its aesthetic, function, and so much more. Students who own these headphones reasoned why these were so worth their price:


  • Switching between apple devices is super easy.
  • Functions like AirPods, when taken off pauses music and automatically resume once put back on.  
  • There is no off switch, which is great because you do not think about it. 
  • Battery lasts 2-3 days, and charging is pretty quick.
  • “Transparent” mode is really excellent, it feels like you’re not wearing them.


The 2nd spot to the most received gift goes to the KODAK Mini Projector.


The reason why this gift was so popular was because of its convenience. It connects wireless to both android and iOS, and it has a rechargeable battery. Many students stated that they were unable to have a TV in their room because of something in the way or did not have enough space, but with this projector, their problems were gone. The projector could be moved around to anywhere, can also connect to headphones–which most TVs cannot even do, has excellent resolution, and, last but not least, is very portable.


Students also received many sorts of makeup products and perfumes for the holidays. It is always the perfect gift to give and receive as it is long-lasting and fairly inexpensive. As to makeup, many students received some sort of product for their lips and eyeshadow. Based on the people gathered, they mostly received colors that were very natural and warm toned, which is perfect for an everyday look. Along with that, they also got perfumes that are very trending on TikTok. Although perfumes could be a risky gift for someone, many tend to really like Dior’s “Miss Dior’s” fragrance collection.




Last but certainly not least, the spot goes to the iPad. iPads are slowly becoming the new MacBooks of our generation for their numerous conveniences. Although it is on the pricey side, it has so many functions that could make a student’s life easier. For example, the most practical things about these iPads are probably their ability to convert anything into a pdf and be used in a matter of seconds for notes. It is very eco-friendly and many iPad users stated that they haven’t printed out anything since. Another thing that makes the iPad such great gift is that they are way down scale compared to MacBooks, yet, they can function exactly like one. You can easily purchase a Bluetooth keyboard that sticks to the iPad to make it give traits that a typical laptop would have. Not to mention, it has a touchable screen at the same time, and its smaller size makes it easier to carry around.