Park Ridge Vs. Cresskill, Basketball Game Recap


This past Tuesday January 24th, Cresskill Varsity basketball team went against Park Ridge high school in an eager and close game. Cresskill played them earlier in the season where they beat the team 46-37, in an intense fight. This game was an important one because winning meant gaining a 2 game lead in the league, and moving up to 4th place in the north one group one rankings. Luckily, Cresskill pulled through, beating Park Ridge 56-48. While this game ended with Cresskill on top, it wasn’t without a tough fight from the team themselves.

Cresskill stayed in the lead the first half, with the score at halftime being 22-15. Cresskill’s victory seemed written in the stars… up until the 4th quarter when the Park Ridge Owls started pressing and became tied 45-45 with Cresskill. The game ended up going into overtime, where the cougars left their all on the court. Cresskill’s defense really shined through, Junior Ryan Berkowitz and senior Jimmy Connelly especially did an amazing job with their defense on the Owls.

By the end of overtime, Cresskill was back in the lead and ended up defeating Park Ridge 56-48. Leading scorers was senior Talen Zitomer with 17 points, junior Marko Radovich with 14 points, and senior Cody Song with 13 points. 

Cresskill’s support was prominent at this game. The student section was packed, cheering on their peers from the bleachers.

With this last win, Cresskill’s record stands at 10-4. We wish them luck as they take on Dwight Englewood tonight, January 27th. We look forward to the rest of the season for the cougars!