How To: Galentines


For many, Valentine’s Day is a dreaded holiday. The sight of couples in love or what seems like a never ending spam of couples on Instagram stories is a painful reminder of the sad and extremely single life many people lead. However, there is a cure to avoid this feeling of desolation: GALENTINES! 

For those who are unaware, Galentines is an alternative to this terrible holiday. Rather than sitting around and feeling sad about being single, hang out with your girlfriends! Here is my guide to planning a successful Galentines party. 

Step 1. 

Figure out who you are doing it with and set a date. 

Make sure it is girls only! No boys! Invite friends that you know will put effort into planning the night and will bring zero amounts of drama. You could have it take place on Valentine’s Day to ensure that you won’t be reminded of all those happy couples…. or you could plan it before/after Valentine’s day. The pros to this are:

1.  You can invite your friends with boyfriends/girlfriends

2.  Everything will be on sale!

Step 2. 

Get decorations and food.

Make sure everything is Valentine’s day themed! Trader Joes has a wide variety of options, whether that be heart shaped pasta, pink and red raviolis, heart shaped cookies, “XOXO” gummies, and more! You can go to local pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS and get a bunch of Valentine’s themed candies!

It is important to put in some amount of effort when it comes to decorations. Opt for more Valentine’s day themed items: balloons, streamers, plates, and flowers, which can easily be found at your local grocery store. The cuter the set-up, the better!

Step 3. 

Dress up!

Although the urge to show up in sweats and a messy bun is tempting, putting on a cute outfit and doing your makeup will make all the difference. Little events like a Galentines party are a great opportunity to grab some cute pictures with you and your best friends, so you know you want to look good. Make sure to wear some red, pinks, and whites! Y’know what they say, getting ready every once in a while is good for the soul. If you want to switch things up, choose a dress up theme! A popular favorite is “dress up as your type”. It’s very interesting to try and predict what your friends will wear and how extravagantly they will dress up!

Step 4. 

Cook or bake!

Most couples will probably be out to a nice expensive dinner. Ditch that idea and cook your own homemade meal!!!! Homemade is always better than a restaurant anyways…. cooking at home means you can blare music as loud as you want and season it to perfection! You don’t have to sit in a stuffy restaurant in a tiny chair with terrible service. Homemade galentines cooking is the superior option. Then we have baking! A dinner is never complete without a dessert. In honor of Galentines, one must bake (whether that be from scratch or from a box) a Valentine’s themed dessert. Some favorites are heart shaped pizookies, decorated cupcakes, or of course, chocolate covered strawberries.

Step 5. 

Watch a rom-com!

Galentines is a perfect opportunity to sit down and watch some movies, preferably rom-coms. Some notable favorites are The Proposal, Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Set Up, and Something Borrowed. Check out Shirelle’s article for some more recommendations!

Step 6. 


Put on some good music and sit back and relax! Make some good memories with your best friends. By completing these steps, you are guaranteed a successful Galentines party. I can assure you that Galentines is the SUPERIOR OPTION compared to a regular Valentine’s dinner with a boyfriend/girlfriend. I can promise you that. Definitely. 100%.