How to Lose a Valentine in 10 Hours

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Valentine’s Day edition)


Love is in the air! But so are heartbreaks… To avoid a messy breakup on this love filled day, avoid doing these 10 things:

1. Break up with them

Pretty obvious and straightforward (I hope). Even if you want to, wait a couple days. The day before or after is even a bit harsh, so try and stick it out at least a week.

2. Give them a promise ring/ask for one

As much as the love might get to your head, think rationally. Do you really want to make such a commitment, especially TODAY?

3. Doing too much for the amount of time you’ve been dating

I’m talking about the couple who has been dating for 11 hours and carry a giant teddy bear around the school. I’ve spent more time trying to parallel park on Morningside than that.

Who lied to you…

4. Wear matching outfits


5. Post anything too obnoxious

As much as you want to express your love, take a second to see how your post looks from the outside. No one will read your sappy essay or scroll through 20+ pictures. 

Please leave this behavior in 2014.

6. Pressure for a fancy restaurant

We’re ballin ‘on a dollar here. Chipotle never failed anybody (and is delicious).

7. Send yourself flowers

This might be out of jealousy or because your partner didn’t, but at the end of the day, people will know, and that’s even more embarrassing.

Skip this — you’re not Cher.

​​8. Compare them to your exes

This goes for any day. No one wants to hear what you did in previous years with other people, or that you still wear the bracelet they got you, just no. 

9. Hangout with your friends

Friends are always important and a balance between them and your partner is important, however, it’s literally Valentine’s Day. Be with your friends any other day.

10. Have dinner with your families

Going to family dinners with your partner is worse enough– now imagine how bad it is on Valentine’s Day.