What Do Parents Do On Valentine’s Day?


You’d think most parents would go on a romantic date, but according to Business Wire, “81 percent of parents said that they need to step things up and have more frequent date nights, 79 percent said they’d prefer not to be on Valentine’s Day because they prefer to spend the day as a family. In fact, more than one-third of parents have never spent February 14th as a couple.”

Cresskill High School teacher, Jason Timochko, says he “doesn’t really do anything as my children have track, gymnastics, dance, and other activities that I have to bring them to. Also, it is the day before my son’s birthday so we are usually getting ready to celebrate him with our extended family.”

Timochko agrees with the fact that according to Business Wire, most parents would rather spend the day as a family. He says, “I can’t speak for what most parents would rather do. My views are that I would prefer to spend time with my family, however, I realize that one day my children will be grown and on their own, and perhaps then I will go out for dinner with my wife.”

If Mr. Timochko had to go somewhere with his family, or with his wife on Valentine’s Day, he says “My go-to place would be a restaurant with really good food. I cook at home and am pretty good at it, so if I go out and have to pay for food it has to be better than what I can do at home.”

Most parents think it’s wonderful if we can plan a special Valentine’s Day date night with their spouse. February 14th is also about celebrating all of our loved ones, including the kids, parents, friends, and even treating ourselves. When it comes to choosing the ideal present for each of your loved ones, experiences are usually valued more material possessions and are recalled more often.

The top Valentine’s Day experiences identified by parents of things they’d like to do with their partner, include…

  • Couples massage 36% 
  • Romantic dinner 28% 
  • Spa day 26% 
  • Mani/pedi 21% 
  • Concerts 18%.

 The top Valentine’s Day experiences parents identified for the entire family, include… 

  • Spa day 28% 
  • Dinner 26% 
  • Museum 25%
  • Concert 24% 
  • Mani/pedi 24%