The History Of a Sneaky Link:


The pressure of relationships among teenagers can be anxiety-filled and frustrating, which furthers the importance of: The Sneaky Link. 


What exactly is a sneaky link? 

A sneaky link is a casual, SNEAKY time with a certain someone, creating a confidential relationship between you and a not-so-significant other; any platonic or romantic relationship that is meant to be kept a secret or hidden. 



The term “sneaky- link” had many altered names throughout the years, making it the most popular among the ‘gen-z’ society. In May of 2021, the song “Sneaky Link” by HXLLYWOOD became a hit on social media platforms, such as TikTok, making it even more commonly used amongst teenagers.


What’s the draw of a sneaky link? 

The maturity level of males and females are at different standpoints, which can make it extremely difficult for young developing minds to form healthy, well-working relationships. These serious relationships force our young generation to lose track of excitement and adventure when searching for love interests, or simply looking for a good time. Therefore, the sneaky link was formed, taking the pressure off of dating and relationships. 


Keep in mind that sneaky links are not as easy to maintain as it sounds. Here are the things that most often blow a sneaky link up!


With Snap Maps, Life 360, and other location-sharing apps, it’s easier than ever to see when people are together. 



Of course, some locations and times are more suspicious than others. If seen at random nighttime hours, a slink couple could face suspicion. 


3. DON’T CATCH FEELS (self explanatory..!)



Having a friendship or relationship on the D-L is very common and eases pressure and rumors. Bring snacks, games, and anything to have an enjoyable night.   



If the stress of secrecy is ruining quality time with the person you are hanging out with; sneaky links aren’t for you. The most important aspect of the hangout is to have fun!