Should You Watch Season 3 of Outer Banks?? *SPOILERS*


The much anticipated Season 3 of Outer Banks was released on February 23 and many are disappointed with the outcome.

In the first 2 seasons of Outer Banks, a couple of teenagers start out having some fun during summer break. This leads to them going on crazy treasure hunts to find $400 million in gold and a priceless golden cross. I went into Season 3 thinking another treasure hunt was bound to happen. 

The 3rd season begins with a group of 6 teenagers who call themselves the Pogues with the names John B, JJ, Pope, Kiara, Sarah, and Cleo. All of them are stranded on a deserted island they call Poguelandia after they escaped from the villain, Ward Cameron, and his ship. At this point, they have been on the island for about a month and are surviving off spearfishing and jungle food, until they see a plane fly by. The pilot ends up rescuing them and the show quickly dives back into action.

As predicted now the Pogues find a new treasure in question and that is the city of El Dorado: a city of gold. One of the searchers of El Dorado predictably is John B’s father, Big John. After finding out he wasn’t dead and actually alive, John B helps his father with his search and ultimately leaves out the other Pogues from the hunt. John B. describes his father as someone he looks up to, but once we see the reconnection of John B and his father he was not the perfect father John B. depicted.  

There has been a main villain in every season; in the first season it was Ward Cameron, in the second it was Carla Limbrey, and in the third, Carlos Singh was introduced and caused trouble for John B and the Pogues. 

As the season moves forward, we see the Pogues, a group of 6 teenagers, split into multiple storylines. Pope and Cleo investigate the history of Tannyhill, Sarah goes through an identity crisis, Kiara and JJ have their love conflict, and Big John and John B continue their quest to find El Dorado. Eventually, the group ends up on the same page. They come together again after eventful days to save Big John after Carlos Singh kidnaps him to find El Dorado. 

Though I enjoyed watching this season, it lacked the surf and laid-back Pogue life I anticipated. It was more action-packed and on the run than the other seasons. Overall I recommend this show to everyone but was a little let down compared to Seasons 1 and 2.