Dancing With The Stars Event Leads to Cresskill’s Fame



A Night to Remember. On Thursday, May 4th Cresskill hosted its Dancing With The Stars event. Prior to the closing of our school, this event would be an annual event and a fun way to welcome the spring season. Unfortunately, the tragedies of the last few years postponed the event, making this year’s night that much more special. The show has been an iconic night for CHS for years now and hopefully years to come.

Gym teacher known for her dance skills and storytelling, Ms. Muller, runs the event and urges students to participate in an unskippable night. She managed to get 10 couples to dance this year not including the pros she invited to spice up the event. The students danced in pairs and had to learn 7 types of dances with guidance from Ms. Muller’s dance class. After some preparation, the dancers were ready. 5 couples at a time, dancing the announced style for about 2 minutes. After the first couples did their 3 dances, the next 5 would be up.

Throughout the student’s dances, the 4 pros took over the dance floor, impressing the audience with their quick steps and intense swing to break up the night. After all the couples did their 7 dances and the pros won over the crowd, it was time for awards. For each dance there would be a 3rd place, 2nd place, and then the overall winner. Overall winner was awarded to Angelina Doto and Stephen Abreu with Abigail Green and Dominic Wanderlingh in second place also winning favorite couple, and Danna Alvarez and Rachel Evazians in 3rd place. 


Not only did the night end with smiles, trophies and sore feet, but it began Cresskill’s rise to fame. Ms. Muller reached out to news anchor Chris Wraggie who is a part of CBS News “Class Act” where they visit highschools and film special school moments. He got wind of our Dancing With The Stars event and the struggle the Cresskill community went through with the flooding last year, so he decided he wanted to come and include us in the “Class Act” news story. 

Chris and his crew attended the night, interviewing a few of the student dancers and filming the dances. The Dancing With The Stars Event also caused them to visit and film at the high school on Friday, May 19th at 5 am, displaying more about Cresskill and who we are as a school. 

Dancing With The Stars brought a spark back to Cresskill in addition to Cresskill’s unforgettable TV moment.