Day In NYC under $40 for Teenagers


If you’re looking to do something fun in NYC on a budget, here is a full day in NYC, where you would spend less than 40$.

1. Start your day by taking the bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal for $6. When you arrive, you should not leave the building whatsoever. Instead, you have to head all the way downstairs until you see the entrance for the subways.

2. Follow signs for Uptown & Queens local C E, and ride the train for 5 stops for $2.75. You should get off on 81st Street – Museum of Natural History stop.

3. Once you get off, walk through Central Park for free and enjoy the nature and the sound during the summer. Listening to calming music while you do amplifies the experience.

4. Once you arrive at the met, line up in the ticket admissions and wait until you are called up. NJ students are eligible for a “pay what you want” price, so you can pay nothing, or a few dollar bills you have. Make sure to bring in your Student ID!


5. Up to July 16, the Karl Lagerfield exhibit is open. If you plan to see it, make sure you scan the virtual line QR code the moment you get into the Met as the wait can be up to 90 minutes long.

6. After your visit to The Met, take the subway to Chinatown. You can take the 6 train from the 86th Street station (located nearby The Met) and transfer to the Q train at Canal Street for $2.75. Chinatown offers a vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and interesting shops.

7. Grab a tasty and affordable lunch in Chinatown. You can find various options for under $10, such as dumplings, noodle dishes, or Bahn Mi sandwiches.

8. A good meal does

not exclude dessert. Walk to the Taiyaki store on Baxter Street and get yourself a Taiyaki icecream for $4.

5. After lunch, take the subway from Canal Street to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station for $2.75. From there,

you can walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy the iconic views of the Manhattan skyline and take a leisurely stroll across the bridge.


6. Once you reach the other side, explore Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers stunning waterfront views and green spaces to relax. Entry to the park is free, and you can enjoy the scenic views of the Manhattan skyline.

7. Take the subway back to Manhattan by walking to the High Street-Brooklyn Bridge subway station. From there, take the A or C train to your next destination: Times Square for $2.75.

8. Explore Times Square, soak in the bustling atmosphere, and marvel at the bright lights and giant billboards. While many attractions in Times Square can be pricey, enjoying the ambiance and people-watching are free.

9. Walk back to Port Authority and walk to gate 211 and ride the 166x for 6$ to end your trip.

If you followed this plan exactly, your final price should have come down to $39.75. Enjoy your trip to New York