The Cresskill Coffee Connoisseur Companion

The Cresskill Coffee Connoisseur Companion

As final exam week is frighteningly nearing, here is an ultimate guide to caffeine in Cresskill.

Rating System: 

1- Incomprehensibly gross. The worst thing you will ever have.

2- Bad.

3- Good.

4- Really good.



Cafe RX


Drip Coffee


Rating: 2.7/5

Description: Doesn’t smell like coffee but more like tea, could be A LOTTTTT stronger, but surprisingly it’s not bad. My friend really liked it.




Espresso Macaron


Rating: 3/5

Resemblance to coffee: 3 coffees / 5 coffees

Description: The initial bite is somewhat flavorless and a little weird. However, the espresso taste develops as you chew and then it is really very good. The aftertaste is the best thing about this macaron.




Iced latte with oat milk


Rating: 4.7/5

Description: it is very refreshing for a hot day, not bitter at all but you still get that good coffee taste. The silky texture makes it 10 times better. 





Early Bird Coffee & More


Iced latte with oat milk 


Rating: 4.7/5

Description: Yes. It is so good and refreshing. It tastes like quality and reminds me of coffee one would get from a cute coffee shop in NY.




Hot Turmeric latte with oat milk 


Rating: 5/5

Description: This is so good! While it is obviously not traditional coffee, I thought it was worth mentioning. This is so interesting, I’ve never had a turmeric latte and this definitely made a good impression. I will for sure be getting it again.




Ice turmeric latte with oat milk:


Rating: 4.5/5

Description: It’s so refreshing! I love it. Tastes the same as the hot latte, so get whichever one based on your mood and the weather!




Hot Black coffee (drip)


Rating: 4.5/5

Description: Really really tasty but could be a little stronger. Other than that it’s really good coffee, especially for the price of $3!




Caramel iced latte 


Rating: 4/5

Description: It isn’t too sweet so you can still taste the coffee and the hints of caramel are really nice. It’s light and refreshing.






Rating: 3.5/5

Description: It’s an average cappuccino and it’s really comforting and the texture is so nice and silky. The foam is soooo good.




Flat white



Description: The perfect flat white. It’s not too bitter but the coffee taste is definitely there. You can taste the quality of the coffee and the texture is nice and smooth.




Oat milk cortado


Rating: 4/5

Description: If you love coffee this one’s for you. It’s strong and has a good kind of bitterness. A big thumbs up. Good quality coffee.






Farmhouse Cafe & Eatery


House blend: 


Rating: 2/5

Description: watered down and tastes sour and stale. 




Iced coffee with very little oat milk (they ran out of room in the cup):

Rating: 2/5

Description: watered down and leaves a funny and quite unpleasant aftertaste.





Ray’s Traditional Pizza

They don’t even serve coffee. Great pizza and Caesar salad though.






Build Your Yogurt


Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt

Rating: 3.5/5

Resemblance to coffee: 3.5 coffees/5 coffees

Description: Tastes like coffee ice cream but with a lighter texture. Not too sweet (in a good way). Good for coffee and ice cream lovers.





Cresskill Bagel and Cafe ***WARNING***


Black Coffee


Rating: 1.2/5

Description: Smells like burnt cigarettes, tastes burnt and old. This should not be marketed as coffee. Bad.





Cappuccino Muffin


Rating: 1/5

Resemblance to coffee: negative coffee / 5 coffees

Description: Tasted artificial, misleading name (it is neither a cappuccino nor is it a muffin), $3.75: PRICEY for basically 4 coffee beans in cohesive flour. Pasty texture, you bite and it turns gooey. EW.




CU Latte


Black coffee:


Rating: 4.5/5

Description: My go to black coffee in Cresskill. It’s really good Peruvian coffee. The perfect kind of sweet bitterness. Delicious.




Cappuccino with regular milk:


Rating: 5/5

Description: COFFEEEEEE. It’s sooo good. I LOVE it. The texture is so thick and milky it’s so nice. Really very good. Everything is perfect about this one. My favorite one in this article. It was 8pm when I tried it and I couldn’t get myself to stop.




Americano with regular milk:


Rating: 4.7/5

Description: Yummy.  It’s a sweet bitterness. Very comforting. Love it.




Iced latte with oat milk:


Rating: 4/5

Description: Sooo good! It’s so sweet without sugar. Doesn’t taste like coffee and more of a vanilla dessert taste. Very refreshing. 







Black Coffee:

Rating: 4/5

Description: Really hot! Beware! Good coffee. Good bitterness. No complaints.






Coffee Cake Muffin

Rating: 4/5

Resemblance to coffee: Half a coffee/ 5 coffees

Description: Doesn’t taste like coffee but it is a really good muffin, tastes more like a sweet crumb cake. Solid.






Thanks for reading!