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Dorm Essentials

Brenna Cepull, Maddy Shoaf

College move-in day is approaching fast! Here is a list of important dorm essentials.


Air purifier 

An air purifier is a must-have in college. Dorms are known to get dusty and humid very quickly especially when living with 1-3 other people. Air purifiers keep the air flow in your dorm clean which can also prevent you from getting sick! 

Link: go/amazonairpurifier


Brita Water Pitcher

A Brita is so important to have in college. It filters your faucet water to ensure it is safe to drink. Going to the food store to buy packs of water might be difficult sometimes so having a Brita in your fridge makes it easier to have clean water. All you have to do is fill it up and the Brita does the rest! This is a good inexpensive essential to add to your dorm this year. 

Link: go/targetbrita


Mattress Topper

The mattresses in dorms are known to be uncomfortable. Having a mattress topper makes your bed so much more comfortable. It is also a great way to raise your bed. You can get one on Amazon, Target, or HomeGoods! 

Link: go/amazonmattresstopper


Shower Caddy and Shower Shoes

A shower caddy keeps all of your shower essentials in one place when you’re showering! It also helps to ensure your belongings don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. The showers and bathrooms in dorms are not the cleanest. Having shower shoes like flip-flops will keep your feet protected against the germs in the bathrooms! 

Link: go/amazonshowercaddy, go/targetshowercaddy



College dorms are not the biggest. Having multiple organizers and bins will keep all of your belongings together. You can store extra clothing in bins under your bed. You can use organizers in your desk to keep everything neat. Hang a shoe holder on the back of your door or buy an ottoman for hidden storage. 

Link: go/amazonestoragecubes, go/targetshoehanger,



Ice Maker

An ice maker makes everything so much easier. Instead of going to the dining hall every time you want ice, you can make your own! Most dorms do not have a freezer so an ice maker is a very good essential. 



Bed Risers 

Bed risers go under the feet of your bed to lift it and give you more storage. These are very popular in dorms because they are so useful. Bed risers are cheap and you can get them from Amazon or Target! 




If you don’t mind washing dishes, reusable tableware is essential. Plus it is way easier than using plastic tableware like cups, plates, and utensils. Having to rebuy those or going to the dining hall for a fork every time you need one might get annoying after a while. 

Link: go/amazonutensils, go/amazontableware


Cleaning supplies

Having cleaning supplies like Windex, a vacuum, Febreze, and other household products helps to keep your dorm clean. Over time, your dorm will get dirty, and cleaning it is necessary. Having these products on hand will make cleaning your dorm easier. 



swiffer wet jet, clorox wipes, sponges, paper towels, bleach, disinfectant, room spray, garbage bags, plunger, dish soap, etc.  



Decorating your dorm is such a fun way to make your dorm feel like home. It is also a good way to bond with your roommate(s). You can get decor for your dorm from places like Target, Amazon, Five Below, and HomeGoods. There are so many different ways to decorate your dorm. 



 comforter, throw pillows, LED lights, blankets, paintings, jewelry holders, desk chair, deck vanity, rug or carpet, pictures of friends and family, mirrors, lamps, decorative pillows, etc

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