2016 Club Fair

Maya Davidov, Features Page Editor

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The beginning of the school year would not be complete without the chaos ensued by the annual club fair. This year was identical to every other club fair, but of course, with different clubs. New additions this year to the ever-growing list of CHS clubs were the Social Issues club, Cresskill Political Club, and the Girl-Up campaign club. With the 2016 election looming, it seems as if our clubs have taken a sharp political turn. The question is, though, how many times these clubs will meet throughout the year? A common plague seems to hit every new club after the third or fourth meeting of the year, and afterwards all meeting are effectively disbanded.

Staple clubs that appeared again this year were the Chemistry Club, Model United Nations, and of course, The Communiqué. Hopefully all of the CHS clubs, old and new, have successful years, and a special welcome to all new members of The Communiqué!

2016 Club Fair