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It is the mission of The Communiqué staff to to truthfully report and reflect the views and opinions of CHS students, while always maintaining relevancy, integrity, and dignity.

General Editorial Policy:

  • Article Proposal:
    • Any person who would like to publish an article, regardless of whether they are in the class, club, or regular student body, must propose their idea to an editor of the Communiqué.
  • Peer Review:
    • After an article is finished, the author is responsible for having their article edited by a peer editor.
    • After the page editor initials the work, the editor-in-chief will read it one final time before publishing.
  • Copyright Information:
    • ® All Rights Reserved
      • The Communiqué reserves all rights to any original student content published on its site.
  • Errors:
    • In the event of some sort of mistake or typo, the author needs to inform his/her page editor about the error.
    • The page editor and editor-in-chief collaborate and decide whether a revision is necessary.
    • If a revision is placed, it will be at the end of article in italicized text.
  • Interview Policy:
    • People can be considered anonymous in interviews on a case-by-case basis in accordance to the Fifth Amendment.
    • Always ask before recording an interview.
    • All quotes must be verified before being included in the article.
  • Ethics:
    • Photos used are always credited to the original source, in accordance to its copyright.
    • The staff of The Communiqué will ensure that any material published will refrain from being obscene, libelous, disruptive to school process, or an invasion of privacy.
  • Commentary Policy:
    • Any commenters must use their school Google account to email The Communiqué.
    • The Communiqué reserves all rights to remove comments that are potentially disruptive to the school environment.
  • Censorship Privileges:
    • Advisor:
      • The advisor of the Communiqué is responsible for giving advice and instruction to student-writers and contributors to the Communiqué.
      • Only the advisor reserves the right to prior review.
    • Principal/Subject Supervisor:
      • In accordance with the Supreme Court ruling in Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, the Principal reserves the right to remove any content he/she sees as disruptive to the school environment.
      • The Principal does not have any right to prior review of student-produced content.
      • First Amendment & Student Media

Advertisement Policy:

  • The Communiqué reserves the right to place appropriate advertisements on either its online or print editions.
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