Full Remote Learning

For a full remote student a school day consists of everything but going to the actual school. The education received is comparable to those of Hybrids students as teachers are not neglecting the needs of those at home. It has a more relaxing learning environment as focus can be solely diverted to the teacher rather than the distractions that come along with being in a classroom and with other students. As a full remote student, one also does not have to be concerned about the exposure to Covid-19. The anxiety and worry that comes along with this pandemic can make being in a classroom feel like a certain infection, and one cannot focus with that constant fear. Rather than focusing on attempting to stay safe, like a hybrid student might be, a full remote student can learn without these worries, allowing them to get the most out of their education. 

A structured schedule can be kept in this learning plan. The constant switching around of going in and staying home can make it hard for a student to stay organized in their daily affairs. A full remote student keeps a consistent day which can lead to more productivity and a better physical and mental state of wellbeing for them. And when students are feeling overwhelmed with school or other aspects of life they can have the ability to have a relaxing day in a comfortable space, without having to physically see other people. This allows them to step back from the stress of the social aspects of highschool and gives them a break whenever they need it, improving their mental health. Full Remote provides students with the opportunity to have a relaxing learning environment in many different ways, eliminating the stress that has developed with going in-person.