Invasion of the Octopi / Octopuses / Octopodes Gallery

Everyone has owned a stuffed animal once in their lives. Whether it was handed down, gifted, or stolen, it must have been one toy that was someone’s favorite. However, it is likely that these stuffed animals started to receive less affection, and were perhaps even abandoned. This occurred in Cresskill, where stuffed animals were no longer receiving the same amount of love due to the rise of reversible octopus. This article will delve into the different octopi (octopuses? octopodes?) in Cresskill and the people they live with, some who believe that their octopi are living.


There are various octopi in Cresskill, some more realistic or furry in comparison to others. They all spend their names differently, from guarding a classroom to sitting in a shirt pocket. Although there’s uncertainty over whether the octopi will still be in their respective places a year from today, what matters is that they are given love right now.