My Harsh Opinions of Different Nasal Sprays

As someone who has allergies, I have used many different nasal sprays. Here are my rankings of four different nasal sprays to help guide those who suffer from congestion and other sinus issues.


4. The No Drip Nasal Spray

The No Drip Nasal Spray

This is by far the most disappointing spray I have ever used. First off, you are only supposed to use it over the course of three days which makes buying a whole fluid ounce a scam when most of it will be forgotten in your medicine cabinet. It has harsher ingredients that are supposed to help severe congestion long term, but personally, it only made my congestion more unbearable. On top of that, the application is very irritating and uncomfortable as it feels like fire is going up your nose when you spray it. I personally bought this nasal spray with high hopes that it would help my congestion, but the poor results were satisfying to say the least.



3. Simply Saline Nasal Mist

The Simply Saline Nasal Mist

The Simply Saline Nasal Mist is very mediocre. First off, the tip is very ineffective and difficult to use. Every time you spray, most of the solution ends up dripping out of your nose and onto your face, creating a disgusting mess. Since it is very hard to use effectively, it cannot help with sinus issues as it promises. Another criticism is that its effects only last for a little while until you suddenly find yourself struggling to breathe once again. The Simply Saline Nasal Mist fails in its purpose due to it being challenging to use.




2. Flonase Nasal Spray

The Flonase Nasal Spray

The Flonase nasal spray is a solid option for those who suffer from allergy-induced congestion. Flonase is very easy to use as the tip is round and comforting to the nasal passage. Fellow student Isabela Santana complained that the plastic container is “too dark” and that it’s a “mind game deciding when to buy another one.” Another complaint is that it’s only supposed to be used once per day, so if it doesn’t suffice the first time, you’ll have to deal with being congested. Overall, Flonase is specifically targeted towards people with allergies and it is not very useful for all sinus issues.




1. Ultra Gentle Tip Nasal Spray

The Ultra Gentle Tip Nasal Spray

The Ultra Gentle Tip nasal spray from Up & Up is nothing short of perfection. It not only helps with regular congestion; by moisturizing dry nasal passages, it can also help prevent nosebleeds, sinus pressure or pain, headaches, and sinus infection. Its simple ingredients of salt and water make it applicable to any age group. Furthermore, this makes it able to be used as often as needed. This stands out against other nasal sprays and medical remedies in general as most recommend a certain amount of usage per day due to their harsh ingredients. However, congestion can always be a constant, and being able to use it as often as needed gives more liberty to those who fall victim to excess mucus. The Ultra-Gentle Tip nasal spray is outstanding because of its versatility, making it a great pick for everyone who has problems with congestion and other sinus issues.