Pete Davidson vs. Nick Cannon: Women’s “Only Two Life Paths”


In our modern world, many people admire celebrities. Singers, actors, and athletes are just a few examples of the careers of some of these stars. However, there are certain celebs that are more well-known than others. Whether they are involved in major drama, have been made into a meme, or are just at the top of their game, we often look into their private, as well as public lives.

A big thing that people are always looking for are romantic relationships involving celebrities. This past year, there are 2 people that are extremely well known for having very chaotic love lives. The first of these 2 men is Pete Davidson. Pete is known for having a lot of relationships, and it is joked that he has basically dated everyone. This includes dating actress Margaret Qualley, model Kaia Gelber, actress Kate Beckinsale, singer Ariana Grande, reality star Kim Kardashian, and most recently, Emily Ratajkowski.

The other person who has a very odd past (and present) is Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon is a rapper, television host, comedian, but is most well known for having 11 kids (so far.) He has 6 baby mamas, including model Britney Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Instagram model Alyssa Scout, model Breana Tiesi, model Lanisha Cole, and legendary pop star Mariah Carey. With quite the reputation, Nick Cannon has become a meme all around the world, for his extensive list of children, who he has had with many different women.

Recently Teresaeliz tweeted “You either date Pete Davidson or have a baby with Nick Cannon. Those are the only two life paths for women.” This brought forward the idea of what would happen if this was actually the case. So the question is, “Would female celebrities rather date Pete Davidson, or have a baby with Nick Cannon? Here’s what we think.


We think that Lizzo is most likely to have a baby with Nick Cannon. Main reason being that they actually look good together. Most likely, the names of their babies would be Balloon Jiuce Jefferson Cannon and Dior Durant Jefferson Cannon.

Khloe Kardashian

Since Khloe’s sister Kim has recently split with Pete Davidson, we think she’s most likely to be a Nick Cannon baby mama. To go with the “K” theme of Kardashians, we think their baby’s name would be Khord Kitten Kannon Cannon.

Selena Gomez

We think that Selena Gomez is most likely to date Pete Davidson. They would look good together- and Pete has a history with singers, such as his ex-fiance Ariana Grande. Unlike most of Pete’s flings, we predict that Selena Gomez will be the end game for Pete.

Kendall Jenner

We believe that Kendall Jenner would date Pete Davidson. She has always said that she is the black sheep of the family. She is the only runway model in the family, she is much taller than the rest of her sisters, and she is the only one in her family to not have children. I also think that she would do it for the drama, because her sister (Kim Kardashian) also dated Pete Davidson and she would backstab her sister just to see what would happen.

Doja Cat

We believe that Doja Cat would most likely have a kid with Nick Cannon. Doja Cat is very spontaneous, and “in the loop” about pop culture as she is an avid Twitter user. If one day she felt like being a mother- for even two seconds, I think she would call up Nick Cannon. Their child’s name would most likely be Tia Tamera Cannon- an homage to her success.

Chloe Grace Mortez

Chloe Grace Mortez would date Pete Davidson simply because she does not seem ready to have a baby. She is only 25 years old and we believe that she would want to date, rather than actually put herself in a permanent situation.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning surprisingly has a long dating history, particularly with celebrities. We think that she is more likely to date Pete because similarly to Moretz- she doesn’t seem ready to be a mother. We believe that the two would have a month or so long fling.

Sheri Easterling

Although Sheri is most known for being the mother of Addison Rae, she has been making independent strides as of lately. On August 28th, 2022, she walked the red carpet at the VMA’s with Yung Gravy. This link to a young star makes us believe that she would date Pete Davidson, however we also think that she would have a baby with Nick Cannon. We believe that she would date Pete for a month or two – simply to “spice things up”. Later on, once she dies she wants to settle down (for the second time), she would have a child with Nick Cannon. Their baby would be named Epic Jewel Cannon.