The Secret Messages Behind Emojis: 🫀 vs ❤️


It’s Valentine’s Day 😊 but you are nervous 🥺. You want to send a message to a secret someone 🕵️‍♂️ or you received a text but the emojis confuse you. Oftentimes, they are used as their literal meaning. Listening to music? 🎧 Watching the sunset? 🌇 Someone needs a virtual hug? 🫂 But what about 🫀 vs ❤️


Red Heart ❤️

These are perhaps the most basic of hearts. The meaning is simple – love. However, don’t jump to conclusions when there’s a heart at the end of a text. There’s different types of love, from romantic to platonic. At the very least, it’s still love!

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Orange Heart 🧡

Even though there aren’t definite meanings for the hearts, there are general associations. The orange represents enthusiasm and excitement so if you feel energized for something, go ahead and use multiple!

Send this to: when you’re enthusiastic!


Yellow Heart 💛

A yellow heart generally means friendship. For Valentine’s Day, just because your favorite color is yellow, do not send it to someone you want to be with beyond friends. 

Send this to: friends


Green Heart 💚

A green heart also indicated friendship and platonic relationships. When you receive this green heart from someone you like, channel your inner tranquility and remember that it’s still a heart!

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Blue Heart 💙

Although it isn’t as associated with friendship with the yellow and green hearts, still be careful when using it to your crush. It also means support, so it is safer to use this only for your closest friends on Valentine’s Day. 

Send this to: close friends


Purple Heart 💜

Outside of Valentine’s Day, a purple heart often refers to the recognition of U.S. soldiers who passed away or were greatly injured during war. Therefore, even on Valentine’s Day there’s a sense of admiration, respect, and support with this purple heart. 

Send this to: to express admiration 


Black Heart 🖤

This black heart on Valentine’s Day is probably unlike all the other emojis you will see as it is devoid of all color. As expected, it represents darkness and sorrowness. Therefore, be careful who you are going to text this to. 

Send this to: people you wouldn’t text on Valentine’s Day 


Brown Heart 🤎

A brown heart generally means close bonds and affection with anyone. However, it doesn’t have a strong connotation as with the red hearts so feel free to use it with more people than the red hearts. 

Send this to: close people


White Heart 🤍

Like both the red and brown hearts, it contains the meaning of affection and love but within both platonic, familial, and romantic relationships. Therefore, feel free to use this with anyone on Valentine’s Day you wish would have a good day!

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Sweet Hearts ❣️💕💞💓💗💖💟

From a double heart to a heart cutout, all of these are hearts with something extra. They are often more passionate and intense in the message it is trying to deliver, whether that is romantic or platonic love. No matter how many colored hearts are listed next to each other, it only takes one of these special hearts to truly change the mood of an entire conversation. 

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Spicy Hearts 💘💝❤️‍🔥

A heart with a cupid’s arrow. A heart wrapped in a ribbon like a chocolate box. A heart burning on fire. While they might not look as different from the sweet hearts from before, these have different meanings on Valentine’s Day. For the hearts, it cannot be more obvious than these. You can add some extra effects by decorating the burning heart with more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Send this to: romantic interests


Hand Heart 🫶

This is the emoji that people can easily mimic in real life. Although there isn’t any romantic love associated with this, there’s a sense of closeness when you receive this because it is a cute gesture that most people would not be able to do to a stranger. 

Send this to: people you can actually give a hand heart to 


Broken heart 💔

This heart is the one that relies most on the context… good luck. 

Send this to: preferably no one on this lovely day


Bandaged Heart ❤️‍🩹


This bandaged red heart also relies heavily on the current conversation topic. Does this heart represent that they need more time? Or is their heart scarred from the reader? At the very least, it’s no longer a 💔 and indicates progress towards a ❤️

Send this to: anyone but be aware of the consequences


Anatomical Heart 🫀

This heart is the most detailed but confusing of all the hearts. There were other cuter options, but why choose this realistic heart with veins and arteries? There are various possibilities, with one being that the messenger works in the medical field and wants to show off their medical knowledge. Or it represents their actual heart that they can take out just for you. Aw, that’s sweet. 

Send this to: only one person – you only have one heart  



Self-explanatory. If you received this message from someone other than your goofiest friend, have a nice Valentine’s Day! If you are sending this emoji, breathe in and out five times before you send it. I hope you end this day smiling.

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